Buy Facebook Likes and combine the best ways to promote Fan Page

Wasting a lot of potential after buying Facebook Friends, Followers, Post or Page Likes.

Buy Facebook Likes and comments to promote your Fan PageHey guys Justin Brian here and in this article I'm show you how to get more Facebook likes and comments before purchase and any kind of ads in 2020. You're not going to have to pay for anything you're not going to have to get people hired to promote your Fan Page you're not have to do your own Facebook ads. These are all organic these are all best ways of doing things is just about running your Facebook page more efficiently.

1.     Upload YouTube videos directly to Facebook

The first way that I recommend you get more Likes for Facebook page and get more engagement in general is to upload videos. YouTube Videos have grown more and more and 2020 and have become a bigger part of the Facebook algorithm. For instance if I'm on my Facebook page and I wanted to look at some of the engagement levels of different posts that I've done you can look down here.

 You know that videos will pretty much always get a lot more engagement. You can see people reached 2158, over 1000 on this one.

Then you go to a quote here that's just words. Only 414 people reached.

You go back to video over 1200.

 Another video over 1000 and next YouTube video quote only about 300. You can kind of see the difference there's another one to 161 compared to another 1000.

You get a lot more juice in the algorithm when you post videos directly here's one that's a wink to a blog post only 128 people reached. That's the lowest one I showed you so far 97 people reach that's even worse that's a link to a blog post. You can kind of get an idea of what Facebook tends to want you to post more than other things. What you want to do is you want to make videos if you can make videos of some kind obviously you know that I have a YouTube channel. But, you don't have to post them on YouTube necessarily I would recommend you do both Facebook and YouTube. But, which you need to do is just share a photo or video you do not want to post on video on a YouTube channel and share it on Facebook because that will share it as a link and as I showed you when you share a wink you get much last post reach than you do if you do a video. My experience about half of my Facebook fans will see a video that I uploaded directly to Facebook which is really high engagement, that's really good reach! Why people struggle with Facebook reach but that's really good when you get about half or even a third of the people that like your page to see your content. Now if you post it as a video is the same exact video, but it's as a YouTube video link - it will be like a fraction and very small fraction of what it could be. Stead of sharing a link to video, post videos by going there:

Share a photo or video clicking upload photos slash video and then you just pick it from the files on your computer. I like YouTube you can add the Title, you can add Tags to it and things like that. You can do a custom thumbnail and all what I recommend. Find best ways to do videos with that they're behind the:

  • scenes videos
  • quick tip videos
  • motivational videos
  • funny videos

Whatever it is that's related to your Facebook page. Do that, because videos are getting more reach than any other post right now.

2.     Have a like button popup on your website

get a lot more likes on Facebook postsAnother thing that you can do that's really helped me get a lot more likes on Facebook posts, in fact I get probably over 100 or more likes organically for free just by having a like button Pop up on my website – Facebook Website Likes. If you go to which is main website that I'm using for this example, you can go and if this is your first time being on the side if you wait for a few seconds all most the time you will see overlay go over the page and have a Facebook like button in the middle. Obviously I visit my site all the time just to check and tweak things. It's not showing up right now but actual free service I use for that Facebook like button that pops up in the middle of your screen it'll be like right here in the middle and then the rest of you speak kind of white.

But I use Hello Bar is a great tool created by Neil Patel who's very well know marketing. Expert has a bunch of blogs, he started case metrics and started crazy gag. He's author of a book and now he has his own podcast. He's done a lot of things. But Hello Bar is one of the marketing tools he created and you can get it for free and use it like I do. It will give you a lot more Facebook likes first is like if you go back here:

You'll notice I got plus 106 Likes this week and it's just Friday. That it is mostly from the website because I really don't do Facebook near as much as I should because I'm always trying to crank out new videos and blog content for you guys. But is far as getting organic likes for free Hello Bar is really hard to beat. All you have to do is putting your website URL walked in with Google to get started. They also have a plugin I assume they still have that plugin for WordPress site if your site is WordPress based. But you can just do it logging here and once you're signed in you can go and select there's a button on the west side you can't miss it they'll say like create a new goal or something like that.

Then you go to this page you're on creating new call which is when you create a new pop up our new Hello Bar like they call it that hovers above your site or something like that.

What I did to grow my Facebook page Likes, comments and continue to grow it is?

Like this goal here get Facebook like so quick that be like us on Facebook.

Where do you want them to see:

  • Homepage
  • Current page

The visitor is viewing probably which you would want to do is the current page the visitors viewing. Click continue and then go on and see as you can see up here how dual arrow to it. You can see that it's starting out as a Bar. What I’ll do is as you scroll down. You will see this bar. But instead of doing that it's worked better for me to actually just have it as a pop up. If you've never been to my site before and you're a new visitor you'll see this pop up that says Hey like the Facebook page if you're interested and more content or something like that and shows you how many Facebook Likes I have. I have over 5000 Facebook Post Likes and it will just be a quick little like button you can choose to like it urges exit out of it and go back to reading the blog post.

You can create Instagram comments and likesInstead of a bar you can change the type to a Page Takeover. It would be a page takeover and you just kind of go through this I don't want go through every single option right now it would take forever. That would be a whole another video of itself, but it's far as that goes you can do a slider which pops up like that. You can do a Page Takeover which is what I do. You can do a Model or have you say that. I choose Page Takeover usually to turn the branding off you have to by this service for $12 a month which I did not do Elise for not right now. You know they helped them get some sales as well but I have no problem with that. If you want to keep it free just we've that on we've the other Style and you could do like a 5 second delay. I do like a 5 or 10 seconds away I don't remember exactly which one I did office where you can change background colors and all that stuff as well. You can create Instagram comments and likes I said visit if you haven't before and you've never seen it just hopefully Pop Up and you'll see within 5 or 10 seconds. It's a big Facebook Like button that pops up in the middle of the page and that will get you a lot of lights on your Facebook Fan page or business page.

3.     Post Quotes

Posting quotes is one of the best ways to get engagement and growth of Likes on a Facebook page. To find quotes, I know it's hard to come up with your own quotes all the time, I'll give you couple of sources one that you can find directly on Facebook is called inspiring quotes at Inspiring Quotes official. You can go to slash inspiring quotes official - all one word. You end up on this place and you can see all kinds of quotes that you can share and that you can use to inspire people and use as you see that. You can see they get quite a bit of engagement from these quotes and you might even do them as a picture see one when I just did it as text. It doesn't get as much engagement but as a picture make sure there's no links involved. But picture with the quote on it Like that one or this one. It gets more engagement therefore I'll probably get shared more and get you more Page Likes on your Facebook account.

Another place that you could find quotes if you want to create your own quote pictures is BrainyQuote. At brainyquote you can find pretty much quotes on every possible category from pretty much anyone who's ever said anything. Then you can use those of course as you see fit but has a picture with the words on it like that usually something short and sweet, inspiring, positive does the types of things that get shared a lot on Facebook along with videos and stuff like that. Quotes will definitely help you to increase Facebook Page Likes.

4.     Have a visible Facebook Page link on your site

Another thing that you'll notice I do on my site is in the footer - I have a place where you can find me on the other Social Media sites that you may not already follow me on yet. You can see Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. That just makes it easier for people to find me if they want to find me. Some major sites make it even more obvious where to find their social media links. Like the Huffington post if you go to you'll notice in the top right corner here.

You can find way to subscribe via email, find their Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram - view Best site to buy Instagram Comments, Snapchat. You can just click this link and to go straight to their Facebook page on their. TechCrunch same thing another major site they have their links right here, you can see Facebook is the first one probably because it's a priority. They also have Instagram Twitter, YouTube Channel best remix songs, Flipboard link dangle place in there are CSS feed.

What a major brands make it easy to find brands on social media if you want follow them besides just on their website?

That's another thing you can do just have somebody who knows programming, typically HTML, CSS. CSS will probably be the main thing you use to embed those or you can find a plug-in from WordPress that allows you to put them or like I did you can just create a widget, put it in your folder menu and just do links like I did that way you don't have to worry about the fancy buttons and all that.

5.     Link to your Facebook Page on other Social Platforms


Typical you get short little bio area on social platform. 2 examples:

  1. Instagram
  2. Twitter

If you're on Twitter instead of having a link to your regular website or in addition to having a link to your website you could do a link to your Facebook page. You can do Hash Tag, Short couple of sentences about your brand but you can put a link to show your Facebook page for getting more real post or page Likes. That would be another thing you can do a special if you're already popular on Twitter or another social platform you want grow Facebook Page on top of that. You can do say like Instagram instead of doing like you're one link that they allow in your description as your website you can do as your Facebook page least until you hit your goal of whatever amount of likes you want. If you're gonna entrepreneur they have a link to their website instead of the website you could do a link to your Facebook Fan page which would be, you know whatever the part is for mine.

6.     Check your analytics daily for patterns after buying Facebook Page Likes


The biggest part that strengthened my success after starting an online business is checking analytics. If I didn't check my analytics I never would have gotten very far and I'm a big believer in checking that every day now whether it's on YouTube, whether it's my website, whether it's Social Media. Checking your analytics daily is a very good habit just takes 5 minutes a day to work. This contents outperforming most of my other content I should post more of that. This content under performed compared to what my average engagement is I need to post of less stuff like that for instance by looking at my numbers on Facebook I'm not even you don't even have to go to your analytics necessarily what it's actually called Facebook insights is where you would find your analytics.

I could even just go through my posts and be like. Okay, I embedded that video and I got 2000 people reach - that's good, that we got 1300 people reached. This one guy I want only 400 people reached I should probably not do quotes like that. Maybe I should turn them into images or do more videos. Even though it did get quite a few likes but as far as just working for reach for instance if you want to increase your reach just depends on your goals. If you're working specifically towards reach you could post more videos or you could post more image quotes. If you're looking for more Facebook Photo Likes you could post more inspiring quotes. They just give you an idea of whatever you're looking for to increase Picture Likes on Facebook you can figure it out based on how content performs and looking at your insights. Looking to insights and it will tell you a lot, tell you an overview, you can look at Followers on Instagram cheap, you can look a Likes trying to just increase likes more than anything you can look and see what's working and what's not and all that stuff. That is extremely important just to know what your numbers are because some things will under perform somethings will over perform in if you don't know those things are gonna be wasting a lot of your time and wasting a lot of potential after buying Facebook Friends, Followers, Post  or Page Likes.

7.     Post less links


Links you do not do very well on Facebook anymore. I do recommend you post a link to your website every once in awhile to look up lock post. Other than that unless you're you know if you don't you have a website don't worry about it. Unless you are just a big blog and you don't have any videos and you don't have anything else really to posting quotes just don't apply to you for whatever reason then you might post more links. But links just do not perform well on Facebook as I showed you their reach is just not very good in many cases you're not gonna get that many Facebook Likes either. I recommend you what Facebook wants you to do if you want to grow Facebook Like Count you wanna get more clicks whatever it is that you're trying to do on your Facebook page. What you need to do is do what Facebook wants. That's the way you have to succeed in today's world here in 2017 and beyond. For YouTube you have to keep people on YouTube you make money for YouTube - your channel makes more money. For Facebook same thing to keep people on Facebook means Facebook all like your page more and give you more reach and more Fan Page Likes without buying .

Then you will make more money. You have to help the platform you're on to help yourself. That's the biggest if you could take away one thing for house social media works. That's how it is. You have to help the platform you're on to help the page or the profile or the channel that you have on that platform. That means power links because links we'd people off of Facebook which means Facebook doesn't like stuff like that. Their algorithm is built to give more reach to videos that are embedded, pictures things that do not have links. Post best links if you want to grow your Facebook page faster.

8.     Study your competitors buying YouTube likes and views

You need to be studying your competitors buying YouTube likes and views 

You need to be studying your competitors. 2 things to study all the time to get content ideas your analytics or your Facebook insights and your competitors you may not even have direct competitors. Maybe you have a very original business that doesn't have a lot of competition. It leads to look at other people in the industry you are always going to be part of some sort of industry. Whether you're doing green energy, what do you have a business that's about Social media marketing whether you're a figured that. Maybe you're some sort of celebrity there's going to be other celebrities out there you know there's different things. For instance if you're a business brand you can work at business insider.

What kind of things are they doing? What type of content have they done that got the most engagement?

You could look at founder magazine. They would be another one in that same type of genre. What have they done to get more engagement? There's a video got 321 Likes. There's one that got 11 likes it's a link at there you go there's another example of how links don't do as well as videos on Facebook. It has a link and it's a picture is it didn't get as much engagement as the video. As another one is just a wink only with the little bit of words didn't get hardly anything. You could see that best post about links and Facebook Likes which don't typically work out that well a link with the picture seems to do a little bit better. A picture only with the quote or something like that tends the get some engagement. There are things that you can do to learn what works like checking on other competitors like checking on your Facebook insights. That will take you really long way combined with the other strategies I showed you in this video. If you got something from this post a little bit about how to get more Facebook likes 2017 please like and subscribe to allow me to create more videos like this for you to help you out. If you want to let me know what you thought about the video or you want to let me know about some other strategies you've used to get real Facebook likes an increase your engagement naturally on Facebook let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear from you and other viewers of this video would like to as well and I'll get the links mention, related content and show notes for this video on one page for you on Kccatl. Also get a link to that page and the video description in the coming days. I do than that hope you enjoyed the video hope it helps you and hope you have a great day.