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Tonight stocks in Asia are down an average of 10% or more. All indicators of stock, currency and bond markets worldwide indicate a state of panic. US markets are set to open well below their recent lows, which will likely result in panic selling at the open tomorrow. A drop on 10% or more in US markets would appear to be well within the realm of possibility.

All of this is transpiring in spite of truly massive injections of capital into the system by world central banks. This capital is somehow not being deployed into world markets in spite of the fact that there has been considerable easing of the interbank lending rates. In short, under any circumstance other than a total, catastrophic financial meltdown, the measures taken by world monetary authorities should have produced at least some kind of a short term reversal in world markets. The fact that markets are showing total panic at this time tends to indicate that rather than a graduated, stepped takedown of the world economy, we are seeing rapid catastrophic failure.

The Baltic Dry Index, which tracks international shipping costs, has crashed 90% in the last 5 months. International shipping is grinding to a halt. The implications of this are staggering, particularly for a country like the United States, which is wholly dependent on imports and produces virtually no goods of its own.

I have been struggling to avoid these conclusions. But the data says what the data says. Market behavior indicates what it indicates. If we do not see stabilization in markets within the next 3 days (the Fed will cut interest rates again on Wednesday), then the immediate future may be quite rocky. The period immediately following the election will be a time for caution and preparation.

The world monetary authorities will be meeting to reshape the world in their own image and they will announce their New World Economic Order on November 15th in Washington, DC. At that time they will announce, at least in part, their plans for your future. It is likely that in the short time between now and then they will cause to pass such economic and financial dislocation as to fully justify a radical reordering. Given this likelihood, it is best that you prepare yourself for any number of unpleasant eventualities.

Please say your prayers.

Your Friend in Freedom,

Steven Vincent

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