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Sound Money for America! Audit the Fed - Repeal the Federal Reserve Act!

The Fed is REELING back on its heels. HR 1207 has effectively PASSED in the House of Representatives with well over a majority of its members already signed on as co-sponsors. Dennis Kucinich has also started an investigation into the Fed's dealings with the banks.

NOW is the time to keep them on the ropes and win this round with a KNOCKDOWN!

On July 4th, let's really PARTY!

Here's the graphic for our 4th of July campaign. Leave your comments.


We're going for a one-two punch:

1) July 4th End/Audit Tea Parties (which includes attending other Tea Parties in an organized way to spread the ETF/ATF message).

2) July 6th: Melt the Senate Switchboard

Get involved. Join the 4th of July End the Fed Tea Party group: http://endthefedusa.ning.com/group/042509

Where's the Party?

Set up your Tea Parties (or find local events) here:

http://endthefedusa.ning.com/events : End the Fed Network
http://www.teapartyday.com : Tea Party Day
http://www.surgeusa.org/surging.htm : SurgeUSA.org
http://www.reteaparty.com/teaparties : Re Tea Party

Remember, YOU are the leadership of the End the Fed movement. Only YOU can make this happen. YES YOU CAN! YES WE CAN!

Visit End The Fed Network at: http://endthefedusa.ning.com

Your Friend in Freedom,

Steven Vincent

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