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Right now the bankers representatives are meeting in Copenhagen to craft a global treaty that will institute a global carbon tax and derivatives trading scheme. It is the next level of evolution for the financialist fiat monetary empire. The Fed here in the US is merely the national level management team for the global bankers. Now they are kicking it up to the international/transnational level.

I think it is, in that light, very appropriate for End the Fed to participate in efforts to enlighten the public about this latest scam based on lies and junk science.

I would encourage ETF'ers to take action locally during the Copenhagen summit from December 7th-18th. I recommend creating actions on the ETF calendar here and getting in motion around this right away.

Here is some relevant information and things that people are working on:

In Los Angeles the "Hide the Decline Players" will assemble to educate the population via the tradition of Holiday song. In public places we will regale the public with a live performance of Minnesotas for Global Warming hit song and video, "Hide the Decline" as well as their tasty seasonal treat, "The Twelve Days of Global Warming". We'll videotape it all so you can see it on YouTube and maybe even do it yourself! We're looking for Santa Hats and Polar Bear costumes and a
choreographer and cast. We have a battery powered PA system and a videographer and editor. We would like to pull this together asap so that it coincides as much as possible with the winter gathering of those who lie to us in order to get what they want--world taxation, world financial derivates pyramid scheme, world government and the beginning of totally global control.

Watch the videos:

CTA International is a global citizens response action network dedicated to countering, through peaceful action and education, the Establishment attempt to foist its Global Warming/Climate Change agenda upon the peoples of the world. This includes a global carbon tax, a carbon credit derivatives scheme and the tentacles of a World Government architecture.

Members of CTA International honor and respect the environment and the natural world. However, we do believe that GW/CC is a distraction and a diversion from the real ecological and economic problems that humanity faces. It perverts our legitimate ecological concerns and turns them into a weapon against the people.

We do not accept the anti-human theory of anthropogenic global warming. The debate on climate change is far from over! If there is a real problem, shouldn't a real, open, democratic process of debate and discussion reveal the truth? What is the Establishment hiding?

CTA-I is a decentralized, spontaneously self-organizing movement of individuals. This space exists to facilitate the growth of the movement, not to command it. We are funded by no one and we are motivated only by conscience.

Please join us!


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... Hide the decline
The Federal reserve's father was Paul Warburg of infamous Hamburg,NYC, London banking family. With JP Morgan, Rockefeller's agents they foisted this scheme on us after meeting secretly on Jekyll Island and having financed President Wilson's campaign. 1913, the year they foisted the IRS and FED con games on us and soon after with the Balfour Declaration got America into WW1 and all the other nasty schemes later like the Great Depression, booms and busts, prohibition, WW11, cold war, the CIA morphed from the OSS which ran right out of Rockefeller's building in NYC, etc. Wilson later felt terrible that he had signed over his country to a bunch of European ghoul banksters, (and Rothchild backed JP Morgan). The Warburgs go back to 1561 when they fled Italy for Germany and took the name Warburg from the German city they moved to. Today they still play a behind the scenes role in investment banking globally in Hamburg, London and NYC. Funny thing is? They finananced such things as IG Farben which helped kill millions of Jews and two of the Warburgs got caught and killed at Sobribor. Now back in Hamburg and globally they invest in numerous lucrative corporations etc. but you are not invited. Warburg,Pincus private equity in NYC continues the tradition,NGLS having been one recent "buy" and they alway make money.
Today with the entire US banking system having collapsed last fall and the ghouls fighting each other JP Morgan Chase seems to emerged as the dominant player and David Rockefeller was CEO, chairman of Chase.("The Chase") Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, AIG, Fannie and Freddie, GM, Chrylser, IndyMac, WaMu, Country Wide, Wells Fargo, Bank of America,Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, etc. all were billions in the hole!!! Forcing us to bail the "system" out? Why? To consolodate their power and take out their rivals like Lehman and Bear Stearns gobbling up the leftovers for pennies on the dollar, take out Congress, seize the US Treasury, and make the little people eat their losses. Nice to throw millions out of their homes, millions out of their jobs and then pass out billions to themselves in "bonuses"???? With our money they stole??? That's a lot of balls! Where's the US Marshal? Where's Matt Dillon? Jack Web? Forget it fellow serfs and slaves it's over, they got away and control the nation. Hmnn, now about those RFID chips they keep trying to foist on us, sure they already in our passports but when they insert them into our bodies are they itchy? Couldn't they at least insert a chip into our brain which could stimulate our pleasure centers too? Naw, they just want us miserable and controlled, we're doomed like the 38 year young Federal Reserve Note. Buy real things like collector gold coins, silver, etc. on dips long term, trade the markets up and down on the trends using stops, avoid anything to do with the "government" as much as possible, and vote only third party as the other two are the same program and the 34,000 "lobbyists" on "K" St. make sure of that.
Every man for himself! Abandon all hope! Flee to you caves and load your guns! Give up! Give up!
1) Lord Monckton names names on ClimageGate: Debunks climate fears

2) Physicists Ask American Physical Society to Rescind Its Statement on Global Warming

3) Obama shifts date of climate summit visit to December 18th

4) Sign the Petition Opposing Cap and Trade Policies


5) Read and Sign Lord Monckton's Instrument of Repudiation of the Copenhagen Treaty

Saturate Al Gore's Website, Repower America, with Negative Comments about Climategate, CO2/Global Warming Fraud, Copenhagen Conference & Treaty!!

It may not last long, but this is the link to my comment: http://www.repoweramerica.org/wall/#/view/35515
(Damn! It looks like my Gadsden Flag image is gone. Maybe that means I've been removed.)

This is my comment in case it gets deleted:

Anthropogenic global warming is a scam & Al Gore & Co are frauds!! In the '60s Roger Revelle, the father of the CO2/gw HYPOTHESIS(!!), involved then student, Mr. Fraud, @ Harvard helping to tabulate the data from a CO2 study. In '88 Revelle expressed strong doubts about gw & urged more research b4 any remedial action b taken. The Copenhagan Treaty is simply an attempt to publicly establish a World Gov't wherein internat'l bankers will SUBVERT US SOVEREIGNTY & PROFIT FROM THEIR CONTROL OF EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES!!! NO TREATY!!!

I used the word "publicly" because I heard Alex Jones say on Coast To Coast AM last night that he believes an unelected world gov't has already been in place for quite a while and that the signing of the treaty makes it publicly known, announces it to the world. People can post text or video comments to the wall. This is the link to to the article by Weather Channel founder John Coleman about Revelle and Gore which I got the info for my comment from:http://www.kusi.com/weather/colemanscorner/40867912.html

There's a character # limit for text comments. I'd love to see this go viral and overwhelm the number of pro comments!! Please forward!!

Gary D

This is the email notice I received from Gore about posting comments:

Dear Repower America Member,

A truly historic moment has arrived. The United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark began this week, and the eyes of the world are on the United States, gauging our commitment to a global solution to the greatest challenge facing our planet.

Leaders from across the world, including President Obama, will come together to forge an agreement that will guide international action to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and lay the foundation for a new and prosperous 21st century clean energy economy.

In advance of his trip to Copenhagen, President Obama has already made a commitment to take on the climate crisis here in the U.S. -- now we have to show that the American people are ready to lead too.

Show the world that the American people want bold action on climate and clean energy solutions. Share your message of support on The Wall now.

The United States has a crucial role to play in any international efforts related to the climate crisis -- including the dialogue that continues in Copenhagen this week.

Our principles and our economic strength have traditionally made us a leader in the world community -- but we are also one of the largest emitters of global warming pollution. For these reasons, the rest of the world expects we will also play a leadership role in developing a climate agreement. Given the urgency of the challenge that is before us, the U.S. can't wait any longer.

Solving the climate crisis begins with action and commitment, right here at home. The best way we can prove our leadership and demonstrate that we are ready to take meaningful action is by passing comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation in Congress.

That legislation has passed the House of Representatives and is now in the Senate. We're not done yet, but we are closer than ever before -- and we are going to keep up the pressure to pass a bill until our leaders have done it.

This is an opportunity for America to regain the mantle of global leadership. We need to tell the world that the American people are ready for bold action on climate change.

The world is watching. Post your message on The Wall today:


Thanks for helping to demonstrate American leadership on the climate crisis as we work toward a crucial international agreement at Copenhagen.

Al Gore

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