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Call me if you would like information on how you can Claim your birth right Trust Fund from the government, this is Proven: 240-782-1237

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In the interest of being honest and full disclosure - I have completed and mailed my first formal claim on how to legall Discharge all Debts (Credit Card/Loan), but do not want to give out my letter until I get response from them; I am also finalizing my Living Being Claim and Claim for government Trust Fund but again don't want to give false expectations as I've not finalized, sent, and gotten response.

However - if you would like to see my 'work in progress' and the sources being used and reasons for my decisions, do contact me personally email shupec@his.com or phone 240-782-1237 and I will send you copy of what I have at this point.
I want more information on this & does this apply to family members who have passed but never ever got those benefits that is rightly theirs...
That is a reasonable question for which at this point I do not honestly have an answer either way - but do believe that it may be possible if willing to pursue under Common-Law only, Commerce or Civil law I highly doubt one would have a chance on behalf of a dead family member, it also depends on how recent the person passed, days, weeks, months, years... the sooner the death, the better the chance I hate to say. I will do some research/ask around, and let you know, and include the general information and sources in a new version of the draft 'package'.
thank you for your time......im also interested in the claim your birth right trust fund for myself......do you want me to call or can we do it here online?
It is always preferred that you email me your full name, phone, and email address -- shupec at his dot com. I'll schedule a time to discuss then email DRAFT documentation and source information.

** For legal clarification, I am operating under Common-Law as a Living-Being and as such not operating under 'BAR', representation of any company, organization, or form of government, etc.
could u set it up here so all of us have it i think that is better than me giving a complete stranger my personal information, i also looked at the white house web site they mention absolutely nothing so i think for now it is best we share all that information here, why do you need my full name & my email address? just curious......
I am trying to work out technical issues with a hosting service, hoping to create my own web site, no third party control to block or delete files etc. Once I get that confirmed and worked out I'll be posting link to the site. I'm in the process of doing this myself and although I could use a third-party service, 'they' are infamous for blocking access, deleting files etc. However if I'm able to get this setup, I can then post links every where, just a matter of them blocking ip access - which is harder to do (I hope).

If preferred I can provide links to the core resources I am using/referencing and leave it up to you to wade through the volumes of information to get to the 'core' as it were. Main thing is to understand the differences between Commerce, Maritime, and Common-Law; difference between your Given name and Corporate name (All caps); difference between UNITED STATES and America (and how we are forced with ignorance into UNITED STATES); Copyright/Trademark law; and history of our money and law; and what the particular pupose is that you are intending. There are many free resources on the internet, do not get 'suckered' into paying from $500 to $2,000 and more - if you make the time and research, it is possible with intelligence to do it yourself - however you have to have self-confidence, not 'crack under pressure', and truly understand your Living-Being Rights based on the particular country you are in. United Kingdom, Canada, and other British Occupied Countries have subtle different nuances so it is important to recognize those differences and act accordingly.

Since this particular Forum is specific to the Moneytary System, I also encourage every one to research the history of money, money systems, and the fact that if you truly Reclaim yourself as Living-Being, you have the Right (with retail limitations) to accept and engage in ANY form of Exchange, including Barter rather than Fiate Federal Reserve Notes. You also have the Right to Not Use Any Bank; return Bills "Accepted for Value and Returned for Value" (Being sure to include summary history of money and how it is legal under law to do so); and much more.

Free and Open Your Mind to the Possibilities!
did we talk b4? about that have u checked out freeman of the land robert menard check him out on youtube u probably know already but im learning alot about the laws & that trust fund tool..


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