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Part 1

Shrinking wealth, exploding debt,

Problems here at home,

Money made by pushing buttons,

Glutton to the bone.

Once on solid ground we stood,

On gold our wealth was founded,

By fiat did our currency

Quick become unbounded.

We have changed since younger times,

And return to simple ways

Though attractive, seems unwise –

Not all’s made best by rhymes.

The casting back for older ways

May not address today.

Part 2

Plain Language sways the largest crowd,

Unwraps their fears and dreams,

An orator can pull the strings

That gives the masses wings

They think them due, and masters of themselves

They fondly do believe,

In spite of all appearences,

By the web, deceived.

Liberty’, ‘sound currency’,

Ideographs appear

To ‘End the Fed’, and risk of riot

Is forgiven here.

Too blunt these tools for surgery,

Too simple to be applied.

(something, something, something, something)


Part 3

Questing is a noble thing,

Quixotic though it be.

Faking money cheapens all –

We are less than we could be.

Part 4

Call me Ishmael.

The obsession rules all.

Past all understanding,

We hasten to our fall.

All too clear, distinctions

Are black and white, no gray.

A single act can save the world

From evil, clear as day.

My world is more complex

Than that he comprehends,

All is justified, he said,

If we could ‘End the Fed’.

A single act in history

Has led to our despair,

In nineteen-thirteen did the Fed

Put hope beyond repair.

[A song]

Stomping the deck, enraged, obsessed,

(Ron Paul! Ron Paul!)

To roll back the clock is the heart of his quest.

(Ron Paul! Ron Paul!)

The angry old man, certain he’s right,

Compelled to risk all, to set wrong to right,

The Fed must die, gold standard nigh,

(Ron Paul! Ron Paul!)

Part 5

The casting back for older ways

May not address today.

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Well done!  Mind if I spread this around?


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