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Great Britain lost the American Revolution, but it sent in its bankers to destroy America

          There is much more to know than the information in "The Creature from Jekyll Island".

          Although America won the American Revolution, Great Britain did not simply acknowledge American sovereignty.  It sent in its bankers to destroy American sovereignty.  Royal families have absolutely no regard for freedom.  

          The FED could not simply take over America, since the federal government has absolutely no jurisdiction over intrastate commerce.  The Constitution could not grant any such jurisdiction because the Declaration of Independence stated that "all men are created equal".  The United States Code lists the organic laws of America, in the following order:  The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, The Northwest Ordinance, and the Constitution.

          To prepare to destory America, the bankers were sent in to use the foreign commerce clause of the Constitution along with the Constitution's grant of power to the federal government over its own possessions.  As space is limited here, I'll give a quick overview.

          Alexander Hamilton was the bankers man.  He authored the Act of Congress approved on March 3, 1791, that initiated "internal duties" in America - the tax on stills and the stills' distillate which caused the "Whiskey Rebellion".  There can be no such thing as "internal duties" since the government has no intrastate commerce.  Knowing this he wrote in that Act that the collectors of these taxes would be the same as those already empowered to collect the revenue.  The only revenue collectors at that time were within the customs - foreign commerce.  This was the beginnig of the ATF and it is within the Customs.  These taxes were initially paid by stamp - the same taxes that Great Britain laid on the American colonies in its Stamp Act and its Townshend Acts.

          The income tax was approved in an Act of Congress dealing with importing - foreign commerce.  It is laid upon the collectors of "internal duties".  The IRS is also within the Customs.

          The Form SS-5 that one uses to apply for a S.S.# is actually a federal employment form - the definition of "taxpayer" is someone in the Merchant Marine (26 CFR 2.1-1(a)(5)).  During the War of 1812 Great Britain was impressing our Merchant Marine in its Navy.  By applying for an S.S.#, you have joined the Merchant Marine and are now involved in foreign commerce.  Welcome to slavery.

          For a much more detailed account go to http://wp.me/pCW6e-7h and learn what we need to do to re-establish our sovereignty and see all of the laws and statutes that evidence our real history.


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this thread is something to think about. I couldn't agree with you yet however it encourage me to read more.


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