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Congratulations to everyone that participated in the End The Fed Rally. However, It appears we still have lots of work to do informing the public.

I've have found a great FREE chat forum that offers many features most chat forums no longer offer or allow. I moderate a room called Global Resistance to Tyranny under the Politics/Human Rights section on www.paltalk.com. Paltalk offers downloading of Videos into rooms, Streaming audio, Instant Message's plus much more. With the added feature of creating your own chat rooms if you desired.

The room is relatively new but is already attracting very diverse and informed crowd from across the Globe willing to share their knowledge and information with others. Many of which are also aware of the illegality of the Federal Reserve Banking system and how the Government is orchestrating the Global events unfolding today.

Simply go to www.paltalk.com and download the Paltalk Scene program, sign up, create a screen name/password and your ready to chat.

Stop in and listen or join the conversations/texting with us. This is truly a free speech room. Any subject pertaining to the events of today allowed and encouraged as long as mutual respect of others in the room is maintained. Your all welcomed to join the room or select one of the many other rooms available, or even create your own.

Hope to see you all there. Hats off to all that organized and participated in the rally. It was a great success.

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