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Has Mike Montagne discovered the holy grail of true economics? We think he has!

Dear All,

First, thank you all for helping the people to understand that our current monetary system has an inherent flaw that must be fixed before we can ever hope to reassert stability and prosperity.
The huge but subtle problem that you mention is debt, or more specifically, the interest from the debt. As all dollars are loaned into existence at interest - which is compounded. This has led to an unavoidable and predictable exponential growth in the amount of money that must be created, by more debt, just to service all past debt in the system. The economy has collided with the hard reality of the mathematics. We are like a dog chasing its tail destined to figure out our dilemma or to expire in the chase.
Few seem to grasp this problem and yet fewer offer any real solutions. Go back to a commodity currency (gold and silver) you say? No, that does nothing to stop the eventual exponential growth of servicing interest from all outstanding debt. The gold notes would surely be more welcome by our creditors than a fiat currency but it does nothing to change the variables in the failed debt-interest equation.
In my research I have found only one lone voice that speaks to the very core of the problem. Mike Montagne's "Mathematically Perfected Economy" offers a "singular integral solution to 1) inflation and
deflation, 2) systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property, and 3) inherent, irreversible multiplication of debt in proportion to a circulation."
I urge you to visit Mike's site to review what he has been saying since at least 1979. I am not smart enough to say he has found the "holy grail" of economic solutions but I am open minded and observant enough to recognize that he is closer than any other remedy I've encountered.  
Be forewarned that Mike is a prolific writer and the reading is not always easy - but I assure you it is more than worthwhile!
It will be an eye opener!

Thank you in advance,
Best regards,
Jacob Schot

Contact details Mike Montagne:
Skype: m_montagne
Email: mike.montagne@perfecteconomy.com

Watch a presentation here on Mathematically Perfected Economy:

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