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Housing Nationalization and Bailout Next? What do ETF Activists do?

Hi friends.  I have taken some time off to recharge my batteries and get
grounded again.  I am wondering how you are all feeling and what you
are thinking about the situation at hand.

Looking back on events since November 22, 2008, we have accomplished a
lot.  The phrase "End the Fed" is now part of the culture.  The the
Federal Reserve and its role in our economy is now a front burner issue
where it was previously not an issue at all.  Members of Congress have
been elected on a stance of transparency and elimination of the Fed. 
General public consciousness about the root cause of our country's
troubles (The Fed and its system of debt fiat money) has increased by a
factor of 1000% (conservatively).

Most of us are aware that the Fed recently began direct monetization of
public debt via its "Quantitative Easing" program.  I probably don't
need to go into its destructive, counterproductive effects.

What many of us may not be aware of is that there is significant
potential for another massive bailout of the financial system in the not
too distant future.  The target this time would be the home mortgage

As it became apparent that there would be a significant change in
Congress, news of trouble in the mortgage system began to hit the
wires.  The Attorneys General of all 50 States launched an investigation
into systemic mortgage foreclosure fraud.  Some AG's sued major banks. 
And some of these banks placed a moratorium on foreclosures.

The issues involved are complex.  Google "mortgage foreclosure fraud"
and you will find articles and videos enough to keep you busy for a
month (at least).  But in brief, the banks gave home loans to people who
could not afford them, bundled the loans into derivative packages
called Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) and sold them to investors as
AAA investment grade.  Knowing that the loans would blow up, they then
created other derivative vehicles to profit from the collapse of the
housing market.  And not only did they sell John and Jane Public's loan
to Investor A, they took that same loan and packaged it into multiple
MBS's creating in effect fiat mortgages.  And since then, the MBS
packages and the loans have been passed from investor to investor to
Fannie and Freddie from bank to bank and from government agency to
government agency, broken open and redistributed in so many ways and so
many times that NO ONE KNOW WHO ACTUALLY OWNS John and Jane's loan.  The
chain of custody is a total mess and mortgage companies are trying to
foreclose on homes without any proof that they actually own the title. 
At this point people are refusing to pay anything more on mortgages that
if paid in full may not even guarantee them title to the home!  Some
people are receiving multiple foreclosure notices from multiple

In effect, the mortgage system is grinding to a halt.  A major strength
of the US economy, the security of property rights, has been gutted.

The current gang in Washington and their Bankster bosses know that the
new Congress is going to be much less likely to vote for any kind of
bailout.  The above described situation has been engineered to require a
multi-trillion dollar bailout and a virtual NATIONALIZATION of a huge
portion of the housing sector.  If they are going to accomplish this
they are going to have to get it done before the new Congress is
seated.  If I am not mistaken (and I may be) that happens in January
2011.  This means that there is a window between now and then during
which the Mortgage Crisis may be intentionally brought to a head in
order of "force" Congress to act and cooperate with a bailout and
nationalization program that would make at least half of Americans
tenants of the Federal Government!  A giant leap toward the
Sovietization of the USA!

Now it is possible that the mortgage situation could be dragged out for
many months and even years with gradual stop-gap measures until it
finally blows up.  But given the political landscape, the potential
exists for big trouble really soon.

As November 22nd approaches, many of us may be planning to rally at
their local Fed offices as we have done in previous years.  That's a
great thing to do and I salute anyone taking initiative to organize it. 

I personally think that rallies are great but we need to start thinking in more proactive terms.

I do think we should be starting to think of how we can organize to
PREVENT the Fed and its Bankster buddies from pulling off this latest
heist that would also result in much of the population becoming literal
SERFS indebted to the banks via their government agencies.  I think this
time we should be thinking not of just educating but of PREVENTING this
from happening.

The first step would be to be vigilant.  We need to be up on the latest
news so we can know what is happening and be prepared to act.

Then we need to be organizing ourselves so that when it is time to act we are ready.

We need to be be thinking about tactics and strategizing so that we will have contingency plans for a variety of situations.

We need to be preparing and distributing educational materials and
videos so that the people will be properly informed (rather than
disinformed by the government and the media) about the real causes of
the situation and about appropriate remedies.

Well I am curious to hear from you all about what you think.  Maybe I am
way off base?  Could be.  But if this is something that people feel
strongly that we should work on then I am interested in helping.

So what do you think?  I will start a group for those who want to get involved and help lead the effort.

Mortgage Crisis Action Group: http://endthefedusa.ning.com/group/mortgagecrisisactiongroup

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I wanted to let you know that this young man, Clint Richardson has taken his own talents and put them into a series of clips for us less educated folks out here and perhaps you may find them helpful as well.

OUR COUNTRY HAS BEEN SPLIT INTO A MILLION PIECES THROUGH CORPORATION STRUCTURES! Please watch this---all clips......your mortgages are in here folks! The government owns everything including you, and here is the beauty of it all, you and I are paying for our own death! Ron Paul knows this very well. He is for corporations. Watch clip 18!

Ending the Fed will do NOTHING!!!!!! In case you thought that would solve our country's problem, it won't! There was enough money on these reports to have paid off the entire national debt....of course...where it is now, well, ummmmmmmm Spain, England, Sweden, you name it! Even little old USA has some. This is not to say that Ron or Rand are not good guys, but they know ending the fed will do nothing and a lot of folks are going to chasing this rainbow again and we cannot waste our energies doing that again. We don't have time for that anymore.

This is part 1 of 12....most folks won't even look at part 1 (I can only encourage you to do at least that)

Walter Burien of the CAFR1 (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) is a genius in this field and came out with information and a video 3 yrs ago regarding the transfer of funds through CORPORATIONS within the entire government structure. All counties, states, and government agencies have these reports. No one was watching the store and all representatives and congress knew about it and avoided the questions, like they do everything. Through this structure, your tax dollars have moved out of the country as an "open global trade vehicle" to whatever country would like to invest. His video "The Biggest Game In Town" apparently was to complicated for us little folks to understand.

These video clips will make it perfectly clear how it has done. If nothing else, watch at least the 1st and 2nd and 3rd one. If you have the guts to listen to the rest, take an aspirin! You paid for the aspirin twice, so you may as well take it! We may find out that our homes are actually owned by the entire world by now.

Ron MacDonald and Robert Rowen, MD wrote a book about the fiat money "They Own IT ALL, Including You". You may want to read it on-line at
Bettie, I'm VERY leery of Trojan horse rhetoric that starts out all nice-nice, then quickly moves to pissing inside the tent and all over Ron Paul and Rand Paul. I wont be watching these videos as I have real business to conduct, that of ENDING THE FED, ending the practice of lending that which is not available to lend, and restoring the republic!
I've done my small part in creating an online petition, to be printed and sent to the ranking Republican members of Congress to immediately appoint Ron Paul, as chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. In hopes of either in getting him appointed as chairman of this committee or to be appointed as chairman of the Banking subcommitee, of which he was already involved in.

Let's make Ron Paul the worst nightmare the Federal Reserve has ever seen.

Please sign the enclosed petition and email it to as many friends, family, blogs, Facebook sites, etc that you can!!!


I have started on such an educational project. My name is Craig, I am the Colorado 3rd Congressional District Coordinator for Campaign For Liberty. I will be joined by the Liberty Candidate for this District, Bob McConnell. Our efforts will be directed in educating our fellow citizens on the true nature of money, credit, the Federal Reserve and what positive appropriate actions by a responsible congress are necessary to avoid complete economic disaster. Any suggestions about films in the public domain that we can show to gatherings would be very helpful.
The thing people should be doing is joining their local county Republic group and undergoing getting their dept to the banks expunged by becoming a Secured Party Creditor. Please go to http://www.republicoftheunitedstates.org/ and contact them to locate the representatives in your state.
To my mind the Housing meltdown is just a symptom of the Usurers' funny-money scheme to enslave humanity being implemented by the Federal Reserve, w in turn is a symptom of the global population-explosion. Unfortunately, we can't attack that without setting up a Democracy, & we can't setup a Democracy without first getting the evil Usurers off our backs, so we have to attack the Usurers & the political-system simultaneously, a tricky, hair-raising proposition.
Color me there.

Now that there are two Paul's on the hill I think it's time to turn up the heat! I saw the light of day break about a month ago as the pundits, talking heads, and reporters were taking a serious look at the root of the country's problems as they discussed who would be best to fix them. Leave it to say there is no one right answer and there are plenty of problems. In a recent interview Ron said that with the new house there's a better chance of a real audit effort to succeed. The house of cards is collapsing.
We must be clear and we must be careful not to repeat history with the exception of our own creation.
Ron Paul wants dollar backed by gold and silver

U.S. Rep Ron Paul, who is likely to chair the House subcommittee overseeing monetary policy, says he will also urge an audit of U.S. gold reserves and has called for the dollar to be backed by gold and silver.

There are many in government now who want change. The TEA PARTY movement, put many in office because they are desiring a new direction. Once thought to be very conservative, the TEA PARTY has attracted many independent voters,as well.

Now is the time to continue with our marches. Why have we slowed down? Keep up the pressure to END THE FED. Sound money, that has value, now!
I don't think the Fed can do anything postive no matter what it does because the very premise of its existence is fundamentally corrupt and serves only the banking elite.
The rabbit hole of corruption and delusion goes deep as even many of our elected are benefitting from their special interests as the USS American Republic sinks.

The creation of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve was not only the beginning of our currency destruction, but the advent of special interests and professional politicians.

As our politicians rearrange the deckchairs on our sinking nation, the Federal Reserve continues its destructive pillaging and is snapping the locks of perpetual debt slaver on you and your progeny.

Only Ending the Fed and reclaiming the tenets and checks and balances of our Constitution is going to save our economy and way of life.----- http://www.constitutionattacked.com
What do you do with the average Joe who thinks the mortgage crisis is due to poor people not making their mortgage payments? AND thinks the government is bailing out those folks, doesn't realize the government is bailing out the banks. (I went round and round with a relative recently about this.)

Some concise and easy to understand videos and articles would be needed.
Tell them the big banks print-up our money as if they owned it, then have the little banks launder it for them; which they do by preying on anybody they can get their hands on, including poor people: taking their down-payment then confiscating their house. Soon they'll be confiscating YOUR house, in payment of your share of the national debt, owed to the big banks in return for printing-up our money for us.


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