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Housing Nationalization and Bailout Next? What do ETF Activists do?

Hi friends.  I have taken some time off to recharge my batteries and get
grounded again.  I am wondering how you are all feeling and what you
are thinking about the situation at hand.

Looking back on events since November 22, 2008, we have accomplished a
lot.  The phrase "End the Fed" is now part of the culture.  The the
Federal Reserve and its role in our economy is now a front burner issue
where it was previously not an issue at all.  Members of Congress have
been elected on a stance of transparency and elimination of the Fed. 
General public consciousness about the root cause of our country's
troubles (The Fed and its system of debt fiat money) has increased by a
factor of 1000% (conservatively).

Most of us are aware that the Fed recently began direct monetization of
public debt via its "Quantitative Easing" program.  I probably don't
need to go into its destructive, counterproductive effects.

What many of us may not be aware of is that there is significant
potential for another massive bailout of the financial system in the not
too distant future.  The target this time would be the home mortgage

As it became apparent that there would be a significant change in
Congress, news of trouble in the mortgage system began to hit the
wires.  The Attorneys General of all 50 States launched an investigation
into systemic mortgage foreclosure fraud.  Some AG's sued major banks. 
And some of these banks placed a moratorium on foreclosures.

The issues involved are complex.  Google "mortgage foreclosure fraud"
and you will find articles and videos enough to keep you busy for a
month (at least).  But in brief, the banks gave home loans to people who
could not afford them, bundled the loans into derivative packages
called Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) and sold them to investors as
AAA investment grade.  Knowing that the loans would blow up, they then
created other derivative vehicles to profit from the collapse of the
housing market.  And not only did they sell John and Jane Public's loan
to Investor A, they took that same loan and packaged it into multiple
MBS's creating in effect fiat mortgages.  And since then, the MBS
packages and the loans have been passed from investor to investor to
Fannie and Freddie from bank to bank and from government agency to
government agency, broken open and redistributed in so many ways and so
many times that NO ONE KNOW WHO ACTUALLY OWNS John and Jane's loan.  The
chain of custody is a total mess and mortgage companies are trying to
foreclose on homes without any proof that they actually own the title. 
At this point people are refusing to pay anything more on mortgages that
if paid in full may not even guarantee them title to the home!  Some
people are receiving multiple foreclosure notices from multiple

In effect, the mortgage system is grinding to a halt.  A major strength
of the US economy, the security of property rights, has been gutted.

The current gang in Washington and their Bankster bosses know that the
new Congress is going to be much less likely to vote for any kind of
bailout.  The above described situation has been engineered to require a
multi-trillion dollar bailout and a virtual NATIONALIZATION of a huge
portion of the housing sector.  If they are going to accomplish this
they are going to have to get it done before the new Congress is
seated.  If I am not mistaken (and I may be) that happens in January
2011.  This means that there is a window between now and then during
which the Mortgage Crisis may be intentionally brought to a head in
order of "force" Congress to act and cooperate with a bailout and
nationalization program that would make at least half of Americans
tenants of the Federal Government!  A giant leap toward the
Sovietization of the USA!

Now it is possible that the mortgage situation could be dragged out for
many months and even years with gradual stop-gap measures until it
finally blows up.  But given the political landscape, the potential
exists for big trouble really soon.

As November 22nd approaches, many of us may be planning to rally at
their local Fed offices as we have done in previous years.  That's a
great thing to do and I salute anyone taking initiative to organize it. 

I personally think that rallies are great but we need to start thinking in more proactive terms.

I do think we should be starting to think of how we can organize to
PREVENT the Fed and its Bankster buddies from pulling off this latest
heist that would also result in much of the population becoming literal
SERFS indebted to the banks via their government agencies.  I think this
time we should be thinking not of just educating but of PREVENTING this
from happening.

The first step would be to be vigilant.  We need to be up on the latest
news so we can know what is happening and be prepared to act.

Then we need to be organizing ourselves so that when it is time to act we are ready.

We need to be be thinking about tactics and strategizing so that we will have contingency plans for a variety of situations.

We need to be preparing and distributing educational materials and
videos so that the people will be properly informed (rather than
disinformed by the government and the media) about the real causes of
the situation and about appropriate remedies.

Well I am curious to hear from you all about what you think.  Maybe I am
way off base?  Could be.  But if this is something that people feel
strongly that we should work on then I am interested in helping.

So what do you think?  I will start a group for those who want to get involved and help lead the effort.

Mortgage Crisis Action Group: http://endthefedusa.ning.com/group/mortgagecrisisactiongroup

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I think we should advocate total debt relief for victims of mortgage fraud. The banks take a loss which they write down, the mortgagee own the home outright after an adminisrtative court proceeding (new homeowner maybe pays an administrative court fee). This would create an enormous boost to the economy on many levels. Millions of homeowners with a stake in the community and the economy would be created, a tax base for local government would be established, millions of people who previously were struggling to stay afloat would be relatively debt free with money to spend into the economy, the housing industry would grow again as millions of homes would be taken off the market requiring new construction to meet demand. Cities and towns would be revitalized with landed citizens in possession of real property wealth.

We could propose this solution against the probable alternative: banks get bailed out and you become a serf to the government creating a universal housing project.

Which one do you think makes more sense? Which one do you think people will choose?
I feel ending the FED and the mortgage crisis are two seperate issues.
Karl Denninger is trying to drum up support for some stop the looting - and start prosecuting protests
I agree that PROSECUTION both criminal and civil needs to be put on the table and that should be a goal of ETF.
I agree that everyone who are involve should be persecuted by the citizens of the United States
This is criminal looting against humanity that need to stop NOW!
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The mortgage crisis and the entire financial crisis were caused by and engineered by the Fed. If we don't address the primary actions and effects of the Fed then we are talking abstractly in a vacuum.
The mortgage crisis and the entire financial crisis were caused by and engineered by the Fed. If we don't address the primary actions and effects of the Fed then we are talking abstractly in a vacuum.
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Jack R Curtis, I applaud your centiments but remember our government has never been a "Democracy", and hopefully never will. We have always had a Constitutional Republic , that is what has made our great nation great to begin with, and we need to return to those principals, not work towards setting up a "Democracy". Our founding fathers hated a Democracy and went so far as to refuse to even put that word in either our Constitution, Declaration of Independence or our Bill of Rights.
So how come James Wilson (most influential Federalist of the time) said: " Representative government is only justified when the people can't get together to do it themselves."?


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