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Was the economic crisis planned or just the natural path of a fiat currency? I think both. Check out this article; "G20 moves the world a step closer to a global currency", The Telegraph News, 07 Apr 2009

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There is a new movie coming out with trailers available now- Life On The Edge of A Bubble- is the first film to bring to light the financial shenanigans of the real invisible hand that has distorted the free market, eroded trust in our financial and political institutions, and threatened the promise of the American Dream.
Plus don't forget to view those oldies but goodies Money Masters and Money as Debt. Of course Zietgiest Addendum has some good information too.
It is always planned. It is a "Wealth Transfer" which takes place whenever they choose to do it, ie savings and loan crisis, etc. The "credits" have no value, they just transfer the "middle class" credits to the "Wealthy People" and create more poor.

Revolution is just the "Redistribution of Wealth", and that is where we are headed. The problem is, we are way to "gun happy", and the result of any violent revolution will be the end of things as we know it.

That could be a Good thing of a Bad Thing..depending on how you look at it.

Just my penny worth.
Thanks for your penny, seems like real copper. I agree a violent revolution will start the Marshall law process with the government owning the real weapons of mass destruction and power to destroy America. Having known oath taking people from the nonviolent days of MLK and Gandi, I can admire their dedication and hardships. Though I still love the 2nd amendment.
Hope to meet ya and share ideals, as we show support at rallys to gain our country back from misguided professional politicians and raise the community's conscience.
Well its dinner time take care, Paul
Global currency, courts, military and governance have been in the plans of globalists for 200 years at least. They always sell it as creating the utopia for the common man. They never get it that history tells all that it creates the exact opposite instead.....despotism and human subjugation.

"Financial Crises" are manufactured almost as quickly as new Dell laptops.


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