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Hi, I just joined the group. I'm interested in adding my body to any upcoming protests.
If anyone has pointers to details, please post 'em.

This weekend I got roused by the latest bailout outrage that's circling around Rick Santelli's call for a Tea Party (see reteaparty.com).

I ordered my ETF t-shirt and am looking forward to wearing it around work.

Ending the Fed is clearly a cause that most of us in the "liberty" movement can agree upon.
The only upside I see to this financial crisis is the opportunity for the world's citizens to rollback our governments.
Re-establishing real money seems essential to me. But I haven't seen any practical way to get there. I've heard about "Liberty Dollars" but I've never seen anyone using them. It seems to me it's going to be impossible for real money to happen as a grassroots movement. I hope Ron Paul and supporters can make ending the fed really happen in Washington, but I'm not holding my breath. I expect it will take a very disruptive revolution to really change things.
Hoping that won't be necessary, I plan to wear my "heart on my sleeve" and join with folks like you in peaceful protest.
Is there still time to turn the raft away from the falls?


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I'm sick of the bailouts and the Fed. I'm a new member of End the Fed and I'm ready to go to work to help any way I can to get Americans to stand up and DEMONSTRATE that we're no longer going to sit quietly while the Fed and Congress destroy our currency and liberty. I've also joined the Seattle Tea Party movement. Let's get this ball rolling before it's too late....


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