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I'm trying to organize central new yorkers or any others who want to join in the NOV22 end the fed rally. Please contact me here or at this number,315-412-3726. Don't delay lets get prepared. Remember this private bank is preparinf for you.

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Hey Sal,
I am a co-organizer of the Rochester Ron Paul meetup group. We are trying to pull together a group to come down for the March. Do you have a time set? Also, let me know what we can help out with, I think we are hoping to get a carload or two of our members to participate. Anyone there think about canvassing college campuses? Students usually make great activists! Also, I read online that they closed that Fed branch in Buffalo on Oct. 31...maybe they will close them all?!!
Hi Donna,
I would love to but i heard about it to late. I'll be doing some prep work for buffalo rally. Yet whoever goes power be with'em.
Officialy our time set is 10-1, I'm guessing you'll be joining us in Buffalo, hope so. Yes iam posting fliers here on the University area. Yeah i heard it was closed too. We can still send our message to western, NY.
I see you're a co-organizer. There is something you could help with. We ought to have a meet-up before the rally to get a little more organized. I'm thinking Saturday the 15th. If you could get that rolling ,it'd be great. Contact members, pick acentralized place, time and all that stuff. Let me know. 315-863-7522. Thanks.
Actually, we do have a meetup planned here in Rochester on Saturday Nov 15 at 1PM, at the lovin' cup (http://www.lovincup.com/), a bistro ajoining Rochester Institute of Technology, on the corner of Jefferson Rd. and John St. All are welcome to join us, we will be planning our trip to Buffalo at that meeting. For more info, check our meetup site, feel free to join too! http://ronpaul.meetup.com/346/. My cell # is 585-406-1466. I am working on signs, banners, flyers, dvd's, cd's, restore the republic magizines, basically anything I can get my hands on to get the message out! It would be great if anyone who wants to go from Syracuse, Rochester , Buffalo, and anywhere in between can make it to our meetup on the 15th so we can better organize this event.
Sounds good i'll try to bring some people. might be calling you for directions.
Good job Donna, This is Roger and I will be missing the meetup due to work, but I will be driving to Buffalo for the event, but if you could send me an email so I can meetup with everyone. I've missed a few RP meetups because I'm very involved by hitting the streets aroung Wayne,Ontario and Monroe Counties doing sign waives and talking with people. Anyway give me a shout so I can meetup with everyone before we embark on our journey.
I talked to a woman who lives in Syracuse who said she was coming and that she would bring her son who was a student at UB. He was also to bring his friends. Maybe we have a resource there. She hasn't logged on yet. I sent her another email last night.
i have written down the number and i will contact you monday or you can contact me at your conveince at 716-304-8232 and also dave4change@yahoo.com now is the time for change i am located in niagara falls and working on organizing a group to go to the rally so ...any one who is ready for change lets unite and remember Together we stand ! United we fall !
i didnt relize how old that was so ..oops im still aval i wont call though since that was from a yr ago


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