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Need help getting started with your Twitter activism?
Hopefully these instructions will help. (please ask questions or correct any errors...)

You will need to set up an account at http://twitter.com
(if you already have one for personal use, you may want a 2nd for your activism)

To sign up, you will need to come up with a username and password and enter your email address.

After signing up, you will need to verify your email by clicking a link in an email Twitter sends you. Next step is loggin in to your Twitter account and updating your profile. It is a good Idea to upload a picture (photo of you, or some image that represents you like a flag, etc). Don't forget to add a shot one line bio, just a blurb about yourself.

Start 'following" by going to http://twitter.com/endthefedusa and http://twitter.com/auditthefed and clicking on the FOLLOW link under the profile picture.

Now you should be ready to start posting Tweets, up to 140 character messages. What I suggest is to post links to news articles, blogs, or your opinion...
I use Google News search to look for news items about the Federal Reserve, etc.

If the URL is too long you a short URL service like http://tinyurl.com or http://tr.im (there are others too). Remember you only have 140 characters per tweet.

This should get you started, play with it, do some searches in Twitter for subjects and see how other people use the service.

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I should explain the ultimate goal of using Twitter with the End the FED/Audit the FED movement.

We are trying to get new people to learn about our movement, and about the Federal Reserve and monetary system of our country. So you will want to get as many people as possible to follow you on twitter and read your messages. "Following" means your posts (tweets) will appear in their timeline (list of tweets of those they are following). Hopefully people will then click the links you mention and read the articles/blog posts etc. and maybe take some action.

One action they might take is to 're-tweet' (RT) your posts. Twitter users do this when they read something interesting. More about that later.

upcoming lessons will cover the @user format, #hashtags, retweeting, etc.

please post any questions you have.


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