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Free Digital Economy

Creating our own currencies that have value and utility, using a Sovereign themed Digital Universe!

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What is a Free Digital Economy

A new virtual economy, where users are all recognized as "Sovereign Digital Soules" with unalienable Human + Spiritual Rights, will soon allow you to create your own currency! By changing programming permissions, you can change the "law" system maintaining your communities currency, after all "consideration sets the law forum."

If you don't want to be a slave to the Fed, then you need to choose another form of consideration (currency) and then find enough people to use it. Preferably the whole world, which is possible now due to the advent of Internet & Wireless technology; we should leverage this technology to create a FREE global economy.

Local alternative currencies can't find enough members to meet all the needs, but what if the whole world were included? and everyone had something to spend, and there were no taxes on transactions? Due to the Information Age, we can create communities that are in cyber-space, global, and have a growing rather than receding market. Then connect them to local alternatives, systems like a SCALE (Social Cooperative & Local Exchange). This group is for discussion of alternatives, that are practical, and meet the socio-economic conditions of a New Information Age!

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