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  • End The Fed! Pittsburgh

    24 members Latest Activity: Sep 5, 2012 Supporters of Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty: Pittsburgh Meetup Group

  • Badgerland ETF - Madison,Wisconsin

    8 members Latest Activity: Nov 22, 2009 Madison, wi and Badgerland area residents united in support of ending the federal reserve banking system.

  • To End the War, End the Fed!

    28 members Latest Activity: Nov 23, 2013 This group is for anti-war activists and others who link the Warfare State to the monetary system. Without a fiat debt money system the globalists…

  • Las Vegas ETF

    7 members Latest Activity: Oct 11, 2009 Community of Patriots who seek to reclaim the original vision of freedom found in the mystical and philosophical roots of our nation as we call for…

  • Phoenix END THE FED Rally

    7 members Latest Activity: Aug 29, 2009 I discovered (to my glee) that in September of 2001 the Fed opened up a Cash Processing Facility - HERE IN PHOENIX! WOO HOO! RALLY TIME!

  • Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia

    6 members Latest Activity: May 5, 2009 Floyd County, Montgomery County, Pulaski County, Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Roanoke, Vinton, Cave Springs, Radford, Danville, Wythville, Allisonia,…

  • Columbus, Ohio

    8 members Latest Activity: Aug 8, 2011

  • EndTheFed-Global

    13 members Latest Activity: Feb 3, 2012 Welcome to those of you outside the USA. Join our group and exchange information. This group is the largest geographic group, so it should be the…

  • Phoenix

    17 members Latest Activity: Nov 16, 2009

  • Houston

    22 members Latest Activity: May 19, 2011

  • Louisville

    9 members Latest Activity: Oct 4, 2011

  • Miami

    16 members Latest Activity: Apr 13, 2010

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