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Ending the Fed---A VIABLE and LEGAL means

Posted on March 16, 2009 at 5:22pm 0 Comments

Marching in the streets with the aim of ending the Fed may raise public awareness, but the reality is that there is very little the public can do. Pressure their Congressional people? Their Congressional people are already in the pockets of the Federal Reserve and the big banking interests. They have the big bucks and they give generously to both parties. To show the extent of their clout, our current Treasury Secretary Timmy Geithner is the former head of the NY Fed which according to… Continue

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At 7:45pm on March 26, 2009, David M Zuniga, PE said…

With all due respect, you don't appear to understand the Constitution any better than most judges and attorneys do. Why is it that a 7th grade homeschooler can read plain English, and with only a few months of formal logic, can see that the federal/state judicial "hierarchy" posited in most of our courts today has the pyramids standing on their points, in this desert?

Read Article III...see the place where We the People say that whatever federal courts are going to exist, will exist at the pleasure of the Congress? Okay, keep that fact in mind; the federal courts (except the SCOTUS) are creatures of the Congress. Got that?

Now, notice that We the People -- and collectively the Sovereign States -- are the CREATORS of the whole federal government...ALL of it, including the US Supreme Court. See that part? The first three words in the Supreme Law of the Land..."We the People"?

We ordained that limited creature government only for certain, limited, enumerated powers. Then we told one branch of our creature (Congress, that we created in Article II) that IT could make creatures, federal courts, to handle its federal matters at law. Go on back to Article III, Section I, Clause 1...see? The US Supreme Court is the creature of the sovereign States (creator of / party to the compact), and the federal courts inferior to the US Supreme Court are the creatures of our creature!

Now does this mean that Leviathan doesn't build huge, impressive, luxurious, bomb-proof federal courthouses to strike fear and awe in the hearts of ITS CREATORS, We the People? No; it sure does strut around a great deal; it looks very, very powerful allright -- because you Taxpayers keep letting Congress skim your checks and Congress ends up with an extra trillion each year...has to spend it on SOMEthing; may as well be huge buildings to make you think they're all Pharaohs.

And boy howdy, maybe they are... But them pyramids are still standing on their pointy end.

When Atlas shrugs, I'm betting they get flipped right-side-up.

At 6:50pm on March 25, 2009, David M Zuniga, PE said…

The America Again! project is not a group. Please review the material thoroughly, and I hope you'll agree that it's worthy of the EndTheFed rallies, to read the Open Letter, and to start a CHSA in each community holding a rally.

The problems that would attend holding a ConCon are the same problems that one faces with single-state or regional secession, instead of simply enforcing the Constitution we already have. One gets Pandora's Box.

I'd rather see the American people try a shrewd tactical law enforcement project first, for maybe 20-30 years. Beats doing nothing...or cutting and running to one Utopia State...or opening up a Constitutional Convention where the moonbats could outnumber the conservatives and the States end up with ratification squabbles taking just as long...20-30 years.

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