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How did you hear about End the Fed?
I'll tell you when I get back to the states

"A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions. "

“Dream as if you'll live forever, love like there is no tomorrow and live as if you'll die today.”

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Our Preception of Freedom

God’s gift to us all was the Divine right to free will, our will being the most versatile and expansive of all creatures, in the sense that we can over come all adversity. In this gift, there in also lies our greatest curse; our perceptions of the experiences exposed to through life gives us all a vision of what is and what can be. Though in most cases our view of what could be the difference is so immeasurably expansive that we generally hold that what we could be, has a fantasy and take the current system of life has an unchangeable reality with out the help of an out side force or presence other than our own. So, we adapt to the world around us as opposed to using our own will and creativity to change it. Must of us give so little credit to our selves and prefer to assist those who are willing to act and not acting has an individual. Every one of us have a distinctive voice and perception of the world around us and this fact alone makes our collective unity in any action more effective yet not at full potential unless each individual voice is heard and the overall result molded to all as opposed to the loudest voice or most popular opinion. The essence of a true democracy is a state where all have to give way on some points yet the over all result is admired and honored by all who are affected by it. We all find ourselves in a point in history where we regurgitate information fed to us and merely reflect, and not shine our own light on our world. No matter what country we are from we allow the government and the media to narrow our view of who we may appoint or elect, this flawed structure pushes those who have the largest pockets to the forefront and not those who posses the virtues of integrity, respect, humility, honor, and the understanding that, an elected official merely relays the will of the people and not personal aspirations. In the constitution of the United States the only qualifications for one to become president are to be at least 35 years of age and to have born in the US, so why is that all of our presidents have come from Yale, Harvard or Princeton when a college degree is not even a requirement, further more we are conditioned to believe that only these highly respected, international bank owned universities are sufficient to educate a future president. The sad fact is simply that the people who allow these false truths to continue is us the general population. Our failure to question and expand our understanding of the whole view of the way the political systems in our perspective countries function and are manipulated are the underlying cause for a global system of political corruption. Adolph Hitler once said that “the human’s will for forgetting is eminence”, this allowed him to manifest some of the greatest atrocities known to man, now in our day and age it is not so much the peoples will to forget has it is the absence of the desire to learn the system in which we are governed. In my view, the very word government is an oxymoron. The so-called government is supposed to be comprised of public servants, and not politicians. The people and more so the will of the people should be the only governing factor of the government. This means simply that the people govern themselves. We are not animals to be herded and corralled. We are individuals. Entities whose unalienable rights are not to be foreshadowed by the political aspirations of the few. Whose greed and lust for power and resources have replaced their true function, which is only to be the voice of the people who appointed them. Unfortunately, since the beginning of recorded history and the conception of the first government, there was also born the desire of some to infiltrate and through corrosion and clandestine methods. Repeatedly the same result has occurred. Fundamentally, all conceived forms of government have the best intentions of the people in mind yet, as said in the bible “the path way to hell is laid by the bricks of good intention”, this simply means that the door in which infiltration is allowed must be removed and a new impregnable method must be adopted and sustained. All too often are the people lulled into the eloquent and inspiring words of many politicians who through charisma and a cunning tongue win our loyalty only to reverse their positions upon being elected. This article is not an all attack on political systems without solutions. However, I see simple ways to halt corruption though many may find them drastic. One of the main solutions I will now address is the answer to political stagnancy, every politician has should have a monitored and publicized approval rating to show if the majority of the population feels that the official is managing that position is a way that portrays the general will of the people in that politicians city, state, country etc. and this is to be done on a quarterly basis. If the approval rating drops below 51% in any quarter than that politician has until the next quarter to regain majority standing or will be impeached from office. Another larger problem with politicians is determining where their true loyalties lie. In today’s world of mass media and conglomerate information control, an aspiring politician must give into the corporate power game or simply not get the publicity required to receive the popular vote. Through this years election process Ron Paul and others have either not received equal media coverage, or was not covered at all. All too often, this corporate tactic is used to help a predetermined out come of an election into reality. When we allow this has part of our political process, it pushes the candidate with the most corporate backing to the front because major corporations provide most political funding. This also leaves to question of whether a politician will manipulate laws and regulations in favor of the same corporations who funded their political campaigns or even worse yet corporations that politician may have held a position in or stock options, has is the case of Dick Cheney and Halliburton or George Bush Sr. and the Carlyle Group. Since the beginning of the current war in Iraq Halliburton has made billions of dollars. Are we to believe that Dick Cheney is not going to get his cut? These corporate ties and the lobbyist that continue to pollute our system must be removed like the cancers they are. I propose that all government officials with political and financial ties to corporations be immediately removed from office. Their loyalty cannot be truly assessed. Therefore, I see no other effective measure than to remove the temptation all together. In addition to this all political funding being corporate or private should be abolished and all candidates should be given an equal share on a natural platform for elections, this measure would free up billions in a nations economy to go to social programs and enhancing the nations agricultural and industrial infrastructure. Every election we see billions of dollars in funds that could be better used in education or other national assets being squandered in attempts to out bid public approval. This system must be overhauled and reviewed. Political campaigns can be converged with candidates sharing equal assets to reduce unnecessary and unjust political campaign expenses. Last the people must have access to better education in the realm of political knowledge, all schools should equipped to give students from grade school to graduate school a better understanding of our political systems, why they were formed and who has played a part in them. There should be no mystery of who a candidate is or what they stand for. Has the reshaping of our political structure takes place also there needs to be massive changes in our social structure. In addition to the inalienable rights referred to in our constitution, to these should be added the fact that no necessity of human life should be considered a commodity. All necessities should be considered rights, and will not be denied on the basis on monetary value. To include health care that is not cosmetic, food, water or shelter. My reasoning in this statement is to remove the issues of hunger, inadequate health care and homelessness. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”, one of the most true and famous statements of the United States Declaration of Independence, in my view any attempt to deprive any human being of any basic necessity for life is in violation of this statement. If we can effectively alleviate these issues from our countries we will simultaneously reduce crime, have a more intelligent and effective populous, reduce disease, and have a stronger foundation for the future of this world with the eradication of the walls that separate our racial, social and political views. This by far will be the hardest accomplishment of humankind but with a world of such vast resources, it would only take the ending corporate greed and the squandering of agricultural and industrial resources. Proceeded by a shift from power through military might to a world in which we all contribute to human advancement to form peace through understanding the necessity of peace and not through fear of reprisal. In a world of over 6.6 billion people, at least 6 billion of them share the same aspirations. At the end of the day, the power resides with those 6 billion and through education and understanding, the will of the majority will prevail.…

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At 2:20pm on January 23, 2010, David R said…
At 11:26pm on December 24, 2008, Jos said…
Hi, Nathaniel Best Wishes to y and family for Christmas, thanks for being my friend for End The Fed.
A nice blog y have, continue that way.
I'm for world globalisation, in case all citizens of our planet have it good, one simple world currency for us all and a great socio-economical honest structure or system for us all, would be great.
The political think thank i support in Belgium is on www.vivant.org
My blog is on www.cosmunity.be
On the other hand, i live a simple life with my girlfriend Annie.
We don't make life difficult.
I think we can never get the FED out of business or end the FED.
For me it is not so important as for some of the others.
A restructure of the socio-economical system worldwide in all (+- 300 countries) is for me more than enough.
But, probably this will not be seen during my generation.
We can only push for it, together, my friend.
At 1:59pm on December 20, 2008, Riley said…
whats goin on man? thanks for the add, I'm new around here. I'm starting my own company to sell "END THE FED" and other similarly themed t-shirts and I figured getting involved more wouldn't hurt. I'd love to make a difference. It's hard to believe what sort of mess the US is in, huh? Hit me back yo.

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