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Gun Rights, Peace, and Liberty (video)

Darren Wolfe talks about peace, liberty, gun rights, and security from the point of view of arming the people to protect themselves while disarming the government. The talk was based on his opening statement at the Greater Philadelphia Thinking Society (http://www.meetup.com/thinkingsociety/events/88133332/) sponsored gun control debate where he took the pro-gun side. The speech was delivered at…


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Occupy Wall Street protestors surround the Fed's Denver branch

Saturday October 8, 2011 hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protestors surrounded the Denver Federal Reserve branch chanting End the Fed. Many clearly understood the Feds role in destabilizing our economy. It was a beautiful sight!

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End The Fed Petition at the Official White House Website

Just posted an End the Fed Petition at on the White House Website.  We need 5,000 signatures by November 1, 2011 and the President will give an official response.  While we already know what this Wall Street Puppet's answer will be, it is one more stone thrown at the Anglosphere Beast.

You can view and sign the petition here:…


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Do Not Be Distracted - End the Fed!

Obama running for re-election, Osama Bin Laden dead, Pakistan at the front of a new world war, birth certificate issues, the dollar crashing, Japan nuclear reactor still exploding dangerous dust, floods in the Midwest. It is easy to get distracted, but there is a very important bill that needs to be passed.

We are where we are because the evil Central Banks have taken over our country and people. They have endangered our sovereignty and freedom. They have stripped us of our right…


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HR 459: Federal Reserve Transparency Act 0f 2011

H.R.459 -- Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011 (Introduced in House - IH)

HR 459 IH


1st Session

H. R. 459

To require a full audit of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal reserve banks by the Comptroller General of the United States before the end of 2012, and for other purposes.


January 26, 2011

Mr. PAUL (for himself, Mr. COFFMAN of… Continue

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Fedstock II (video)

Once again Philadelphia raised the bar for an End the Fed rally with Fedstock II. Jordan Page played his great music. Yours truly was the first speaker followed by a great line up, Scott Davis, Ernest Hancock, and Adam Kokesh. A big thanks to Mike Salvi, Rob Pepe, the sponsors, and everyone else that worked hard to make Fedstock happen.

Enjoy the video and pictures:…


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My Own Ideas

I have my own ideas on how to capture our nation back for the people. We first need the proper intelligence to determine primary targets. This being the 150 members of the Bilderberg Group. We can citizens arrest the American members for treason and revoke the passports of the European members. Then under special executive order from our new citizen president we confiscate the assets of the Federal Reserve Bank and the American branch of the World Bank put it in the US Treasury with someone… Continue

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End the Bank of England

Economic regulation can only temper an inherently terminal process, start promoting mathematically perfected economy™, join us at End the Bank of England - http://endtheboe.ning.com/

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Our Cover is Ron Paul's book End The Fed!

The Montana Messenger will bring truthful messages which will assist readers in seeing through the distortion, spin, mass hypnosis, and outright deception of main-stream news sources. The Montana Messenger flies free over America and is not caged by corporate, commercial, or CFR-contrived mandates. We actively invite all patriots to contribute, donate, and subscribe to The Montana Messenger. Pass this paper to family and friends. Know a patriot? Gift her or him with a subscription to The… Continue

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Images From The End the Fed Rally 11/22/09

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End The Fed Charlotte, NC group now started

D - Fla - Congressman Alan Grayson questioning Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on $550B of loans to foreigners - Bernanke's response is evasive.

I - Vermont -Senator Bernie Sanders demanding from Bernenke who got the 2.2 trillion dollars that us, the tax payers are paying for.…


Added by Jerry Plemmons on October 30, 2009 at 9:50pm — 1 Comment

The Parasite is Destroying the Host

The money cartel is giving REAL capitalism a bad name.

For more information visit theRedPillRadio.com

We Americans must rid ourselves of our parasitic debt based money system.

We pay international bankers interest on money THEY don’t have.

This is called USURY.

They produce NOTHING but debt. Why should they profit?

Any just system should reward the PRODUCTIVE.

Allow the Treasury… Continue

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End the Fed

End the Fed

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Tell me what you think of my END the FED Cartoon

"South Park like" Cartoon


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Protesters call for an Audit of the Federal Reserve

By Scotty Boman

April 25, 2009

Detroit - At 2:00 PM on Saturday, April 25, 2009 nearly 200 people picketed outside the Federal Reserve Building on E. Warren Avenue (Detroit, MI), to express their support of HR 1207: Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009. This gathering followed a day of literature distribution at the nearby Eastern Market. The crowd included members of Campaign for Liberty, End the Fed Network, and the Libertarian… Continue

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Repeal the Federal Reserve 4-25

By Harold Gray

JustGetThere | Organizers from EndTheFed.us are planning to have a bigger effect this year educating the public about the history of the Federal Reserve system, and taking action to repeal the Fed with legislation introduced by Congressman Ron Paul. This years efforts include a viral internet presence, petitions to Congress, a D.C. phone call campaign and nationwide rallies at each Fed location and other major cities. The… Continue

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YouTube is trying to keep me out of my page!!! http://www.youtube.com/user/PleaseActNow


I got it completed before they locked me out, hehee...

I have to use google! They can't stop us!

I may not agree with all of his beliefs however he may be a great asset to our fight.

louis farrakhan federal reserve


"The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan exposed to the world, The… Continue

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Invitation to all members of End the Fed.

To join my new Ning site : Kellia's World (http://kellia.ning.com/) I am going to be putting my journalism on here. I want to have work here that goes beyond the time constraints I have in the radio news format. I have also set up groups about Paganism and "new science" both of which I hope will lead to new economics. You are welcome to embed videos and give me news tips and of course, distribute my work to End The Fed.

Hope to see you soon.-- Kellia

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Community outreach idea

I mentioned this on one of the End the Fed conference calls.

Our local CFL group (very small, but dedicated) has hosted movie/discussion events at our public library.

In September we viewed "Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections"

In October we viewed "Washington, You're Fired!"

This Saturday we will watch "Fiat Empire" and "Money as Debt".

Great way to inexpensively reach the community. The cost of the room, the movie and some… Continue

Added by Debbie McKee on November 11, 2008 at 8:13am — 1 Comment

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