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A SOLUTION POSTED: Credit as a Public Utility

As we all are quick to the draw on bringing an END to the Oligarchy that exists with the FED how many know in detail what kind of specific changes we should enlist as a replacement? Richard C Cook's “Credit as a Utility” seems to be the a very clear and logical plan. It calls for a return to a greenback style system and a national dividend and most important credit as a public utility.

here is the final clip of a 6 part series – you can search for the others if you… Continue

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Solving Problems~Resolving Self

Day after day, year after year, the same problems exist. Centuries of existence are behind us – the problems of the past are the problems of the present. Mankind looks to ideals such as “World Peace” and sets out to create it. Lot’s of people write about it, talk about it, most people want it. But we don’t have it. We’ve had periods of peace at different times in different places that lasted, as long as they lasted, until things dissolved once again… Continue

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A New Movement to REACH!!!

APRIL 11th!!!!!! http://anewwayforward.org/demonstrations/

They don't seem to have a good plan, so we need to reach them with good info. Please go post on their blogs and forums!!!

They are on Michael Moore's site, afterdowningstreet, alternet, etc.

If they are planning a demonstration in your area, join them and take End the Fed rally info and flyers!!!!!

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