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Constitutional Crisis over Debt Ceiling

July 29, 2011. Washington. With the Republican Party fighting an internal civil war and unable to come together with one coherent message or position on the debt ceiling crisis, it looks as though the United States is headed for a different kind of crisis – a Constitutional crisis. With time just about out on avoiding a financial default by the US Federal government, experts and critics alike are quietly suggesting what might happen if a compromise on the nation’s borrowing authority isn’t…


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Victory for Tea Party in Debt Ceiling Fight

July 25, 2011. Washington. After emergency meetings by both Republican and Democratic Congressional leaders this weekend, it looks like the nation is on its way to a settlement in the debt crisis negotiations. While most political experts predicted a final compromise, it appears like it’s going to be a one-sided victory for the Tea Party led House Republicans. Media outlets all over Washington are reporting on the two final plans drawn up by each side, and neither one raises taxes on the…


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Debt Limit Compromise Nears

July 20, 2011. Washington. The US House of Representatives approved a bill yesterday that would end the debt crisis in America before the Aug. 2 doomsday deadline. With the vote mainly along Party lines, this Republican sponsored plan has little hope of becoming law. Fortunately, there are a total of four options Congress has to choose from. Unfortunately for the American people, none of them spell good news for the average citizen and taxpayer.

‘Plan A’ as it’s being referred to…


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President Walks Out on Debt Talks

July 13, 2011. Washington. With the nation on the brink of financial destruction again, Congressional leaders and the President held another round of emergency talks today. At issue is how, or whether to, raise the debt ceiling. Together, Congress and the President have reached the nation’s debt limit of $14.3 trillion dollars. On August 2, America automatically freeze its own credit accounts. Normally, that would sound like a wonderful idea. But with Social Security checks and military pay…


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Rep Cantor, New Sheriff on Debt Ceiling

July 12, 2011. Washington. It’s all over the media. Even Time Magazine published a special feature touting the news. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), third in line for the Presidency, is no longer the most powerful opposition leader inside the GOP. After walking out of Vice President Biden’s debt ceiling talks last week and taking complete control of the new round of talks with President Obama yesterday, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) appears to be the new Sheriff in town.

While leaders in…


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