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Revised 3/31/2011

PREFACE: This mathematical analysis shows how:

1. The…


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End The Fed. The right way.

Before reading this post, be sure to have already read "Truthers Beware" at the Global Non-Compliance Center group discussion board on Facebook.


Following up the point from "Truthers Beware", we are now being used as pawns in the game. JFK, when acting to end the Fed, did not ask America to form a protest. He signed executive… Continue

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HR 1207 to Audit the Federal Reserve: Is Victory at Hand?


Please rate/favorite/share this video and help spread the word!!

Direct video link:…


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Global E-commerce Club: Private Currency Coming

GetZooks exclusive Business Club provides the regular person with the tools,

relationships, and programs that make it truly easy to earn money on-line. Earnings can be exchanged internally as a Private "Zook" currency, that option is coming shortly.…

Visit The Hollywood City Charity Mall Continue

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The Trouble with Money

The current economic crisis is bringing monetary reform movements such as End The Fed, to the fore. These movements bring to light what is wrong with our current monetary system, i.e., it is the instrument by which people are held in debt slavery.

But these movements often call for a return to the backing of paper money with gold and silver. In other words, that we should be able to redeem our paper money for gold and silver – though I can't think of why we would want to do that;.… Continue

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S 604 Call-A-Thon Underway to Audit the Fed!

WE DID IT!! HR 1207 has reached a majority with 222 co-sponsors! S 604 is HR 1207's companion bill, and currently has ZERO co-sponsors. We must get this bill some support, and make sure it doesn't get watered down along the way.

Current Call-A-Thon Targets:

(Updated list is here: http://breakthematrix.com/node/36442)

6/12 - Kay Hutchison (R - TX) 202-224-5922 (on the Senate… Continue

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Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 5/27/09

Added by Stephen on May 27, 2009 at 1:48pm — 1 Comment

Krugman, Credit and Economic Disaster

"...but when everyone tries to sell off assets and pay down debt at the same time, the result is a financial crisis.". This is a statement Krugman made in a recent NYT's article. My response is - only in the most bizarre world is the elimination of debt a financial crisis. The article was on the drop in wages. Everyone seems to be experiencing this. I went to work at $26 something an hour in the late 70's. Only the top people in that field are making the same now. Most carpentry work is being… Continue

Added by Doug Wilson on May 5, 2009 at 10:45am — 1 Comment

Tax Revolt! Everything you need to know about the 4/15 events...

Wednesday, April 15th, marks a day of nationwide protests opposing taxes, bailouts, so-called stimulus, and government overspending. A number of groups from across the political spectrum are coming together to remind our representatives that they work for us, and that if they don't start acting in the best interest of we the people, we the people are going to FIRE THEM.

Details here:…


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United States Renewable Energy Credits

United States Renewable Energy Credits (US RECs) and United States Peak Renewable Energy Credits (US P-RECs) shall be directly issued to individual United States citizens, age sixteen (16) years or over, who are owners of certified renewable energy (RE) systems.

US Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and US Peak Renewable Energy Credits (P-RECs) shall be lawful tender for any and all claims of debt, public and private.

One ($1) US Renewable Energy Credit (REC) represents… Continue

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The Solar Economy

In one week the Sun provides more energy to Earth than all the world’s petroleum, coal and uranium reserves.

When this clean, cost-effective and abundant renewable energy is efficiently utilized and equitably distributed, the delusion that war, pollution and poverty are necessary for our quality of life is prevented.

In the solar economy, everyone can live with much greater security, liberty, justice, health, independence and prosperity.

The Federal government,… Continue

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US soldiers re-enlisting because of poor economy


FORT RILEY, Kan. (AP) - Sgt. Ryan Nyhus spent 14 months patrolling the deadly streets of Baghdad, where five members of his platoon were shot and one died. As bad as that was, he would rather go back there than take his chances in this brutal job market.

Nyhus re-enlisted last Wednesday, and in so doing joined the growing ranks of those choosing to stay in the U.S. military because of the bleak economy.

"In the Army,… Continue

Added by Heidi on December 2, 2008 at 8:51pm — 2 Comments

Just one opinion of what was and is yet to come!

A Murder of Crows

This debt driven consumption boom and credit driven speculative boom that our economy is currently engaged in is the accumulation of 60 years of government interference in our free market. Until recently, anyone who dared to raise concern over market manipulation by our commercial and investment banks in concert with our Federal Reserve were deemed “conspiracy theorists” or “nuts.” However, as we have watched the nationalization of our banks, both commercial and… Continue

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