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Revised 3/31/2011

PREFACE: This mathematical analysis shows how:

1. The…


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Tom Woods on the Coming Collapse

Watch it here-> http://blip.tv/file/4418840

http://RTR.org/signup | http://RealityReport.TV | Gary Franchi sits down with New York Times best selling author, Tom Woods, to discuss the current state of the economy, the recent statements from the World Bank President... and just how… Continue

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My Letter to Dr. Athreya at the Fed about his "Economics is Hard" Article

I sent this in response to THIS article entitled 'Economics is Hard' written by a senior economist at the Fed. Be sure to write him a letter to let him know what you think is so hard about understanding that ALL fiat currencies eventually go to ZERO. Here's his Email Address:

Dear Dr. Athreya,

I'm so glad that I ran across your article saying that economics is

'too hard' for the… Continue

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Quotes about the Federal Reserve

~ George Washington ~ 1st President of the Untied States

But if in the pursuit of the means we should unfortunately stumble again on unfunded paper money or any…


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Why the Federal Reserve?

We know the Federal Reserve is a private bank, and loans the money it prints to the federal government. It is as federal as Federal Express. The economic scam that it creates is sneaky and made to seem normal everyday life. President Ronald Reagan appointed the Grace Commission to investigate the spending of Federal Income Taxes. The conclusion was 100% of Federal Income Taxes was absorbed, directly to the interest, on the money created /printed by the Federal Reserve.

The fact, this… Continue

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The Federal Reserve Bank

For over a century, the privately owned and operated Federal Reserve Banking system has controlled this nation’s money supply and credit. This fraudulent institution and it economic policies are an enigma to most government officials and American citizens. To understand the the Federal Reserve Bank, we have to first look at how it operates. Then we can see why our founding fathers did not want such a system for the United States of America.

The Federal Reserve is what is known as a… Continue

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End The Fed. The right way.

Before reading this post, be sure to have already read "Truthers Beware" at the Global Non-Compliance Center group discussion board on Facebook.


Following up the point from "Truthers Beware", we are now being used as pawns in the game. JFK, when acting to end the Fed, did not ask America to form a protest. He signed executive… Continue

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PHILADELPHIA - End-The-Fed - 11.22.09 (Constitution Revolution Tea Party)


ATTENTION: The first 200 people to RSVP to THE OFFICIAL MEETUP POSTING (click here) will receive preference when registering at the entrance to the indoor… Continue

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DOW… Continue

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What does it take for you to become pissed off!??

So, you say, all of my hard-earned money is in a FDIC insured bank that guarantees that my money won't

be lost. But what will you do when your $250,000 buys a Big Mac (without cheese!!!!). Don't think it can happen here? ALL nations that have printed a fiat currency have come to a dreadful finish. Germany, which is an old republic, in 1923 had hyperinflation so bad that the workers demanded to be paid for their work every hour before prices at the market would go up. Women would go to… Continue

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Freedom Watch on Fox News (Judge Napolitano, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul) - Help Spread the Word!!

This show is one of the best weapons we have in our fight for Freedom! Please help us get this on mainstream tv by watching, rating, favoriting, commenting and sharing this video with everyone you know!!

We have the opportunity to get this on Fox News' TV network, but we need your help - we need to overwhelm them with support by showing massive viewcounts & comments on these… Continue

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Tax Revolt! Everything you need to know about the 4/15 events...

Wednesday, April 15th, marks a day of nationwide protests opposing taxes, bailouts, so-called stimulus, and government overspending. A number of groups from across the political spectrum are coming together to remind our representatives that they work for us, and that if they don't start acting in the best interest of we the people, we the people are going to FIRE THEM.

Details here:…


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declaration of Economic independence

As the election for US President reaches its final 24 hours it behooves us to reassess our desires and goals in light of politics and politicians. What IS the goal that we wish to accomplish. Is it more time to pursue our own desires? Is it more money in our own pockets to “get” more “things”? Is it more recognition of who and what we are as members of a unique society? My contention is that it is to bring about a new consciousness that incorporates the diversity of individuals working together… Continue

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The Fed is a f***ing joke. Laughter is the most effective form of subversion!

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