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Darren Wolfe of Focus on Peace Speaks at Agora I/O "Live from Valley Forge" (video)

On September 24 Darren Wolfe gave a speech titled "The New Peace Movement: Ending the Wars by Uniting all Ideologies Around the Issue that Matters Most" at the second Agora I/O unconference.  


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Constitutional Crisis over Debt Ceiling

July 29, 2011. Washington. With the Republican Party fighting an internal civil war and unable to come together with one coherent message or position on the debt ceiling crisis, it looks as though the United States is headed for a different kind of crisis – a Constitutional crisis. With time just about out on avoiding a financial default by the US Federal government, experts and critics alike are quietly suggesting what might happen if a compromise on the nation’s borrowing authority isn’t…


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Darren Wolfe of Focus on Peace Speaks at Fedstock II (video)

It was a great honor to be allowed to address the liberty minded activists at Fedstock II in Philadelphia, PA. On April 23, 2011 we again hit the streets to educate everyone of the dangers of central banking. A big thanks to the organizers, the other speakers, and participants.

The title of the speech is "The Fed and the Empowerment of the War Machine". It is based on an article I wrote entitled "…


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Focus on Peace: A Peace Movement for Everyone

Like most libertarians I want to advocate for peace. I’ve worked with the left’s peace movement and have been frustrated by the fact that they insist on attaching their social and economic agendas to their activism. They then strangely say they have an "inclusive" peace movement. An excerpt from "An Inclusive Antiwar Movement?" illustrates this point well:

Libertarians are…

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Do you let the Government 'tread' on you? Check this out!

Watch the video here--> http://bit.ly/Reality44

Why are Americans paying to bailout Greece? Do you allow the Government to tread on you? Is Arizona finally listening to the people? Are 10th Amendment sovereignty resolutions to "Restoring the Republic?" Who is

this weeks Enemy of the State? Find out all this and more on this weeks

edition of the Reality… Continue

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Solving Problems~Resolving Self

Day after day, year after year, the same problems exist. Centuries of existence are behind us – the problems of the past are the problems of the present. Mankind looks to ideals such as “World Peace” and sets out to create it. Lot’s of people write about it, talk about it, most people want it. But we don’t have it. We’ve had periods of peace at different times in different places that lasted, as long as they lasted, until things dissolved once again… Continue

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ETF colour party ... reposted from ETFLA group


I know at the previous end the fed rally, there were participants with flags, and with drums, and it certainly was all good craic that helped things out and gave the local piggy boys a bit of nerves. However, one thing that was inevitable, was that, the marching in circles around the building, was that of angry citizens and was enthusiastic yet chaotic.

My idea is this, we form an end the fed color party, which anyone can volunteer for, and we coordinate it, learn… Continue

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