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Quotes from Central Bankers

~ Mayer Amschel Rothschild ~ founder of Rothschild banking dynasty

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."



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Articles of Impeachement Against the Federal Reserve: 1917


Mr. LINDBERGH. Mr. Speaker and the House of Representatives, I, Charles A. LINDBERGH, the undersigned, upon my responsibility as a Member of the House of Representatives, do hereby

impeach W.P.G. Harding, governor; Paul M. Warburg, vice governor; and Frederick A.

Delano, Adolph C. Miller, and Charles S.…


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Internet radio Discussion: End the Fed, book review

I'm pleased to announce that I will be interviewed by American author Chris Wilson on his internet radio show on Thursday 3-5PM, New Zealand time (Wednesday, 10 March 2010 at 9-11PM EST) in a review of Dr. Ron Paul's recent book End the Fed referring to the US central bank, the Federal Reserve System. Dr. Paul is a Texas congressman who is well known as an advocate of limited, constitutional government in the United States of America.

Dr Paul advocates and end to the Federal Reserve…


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Check it out! Reality Report #34! FOX the Gateway Drug, Greater Depression, Local Currency, Mouse-Pig Hybrids, Inside CPAC, The New Mag

In this edition of the Reality Report Gary lets off some steam with a brief history of how Fox has manipulated the Ron Paul Revolution and covers a story on Greenspan's recent admissions about the economic

crisis and reports on the recent Grecian National Strike. Publisher

George Shepherd drops in to discuss Operation Sovereign Guardian and

the latest issue of Republic Magazine. Brooke Kelley takes us…


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The Federal Reserve Bank

For over a century, the privately owned and operated Federal Reserve Banking system has controlled this nation’s money supply and credit. This fraudulent institution and it economic policies are an enigma to most government officials and American citizens. To understand the the Federal Reserve Bank, we have to first look at how it operates. Then we can see why our founding fathers did not want such a system for the United States of America.

The Federal Reserve is what is known as a… Continue

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My Own Ideas

I have my own ideas on how to capture our nation back for the people. We first need the proper intelligence to determine primary targets. This being the 150 members of the Bilderberg Group. We can citizens arrest the American members for treason and revoke the passports of the European members. Then under special executive order from our new citizen president we confiscate the assets of the Federal Reserve Bank and the American branch of the World Bank put it in the US Treasury with someone… Continue

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End the Bank of England

Economic regulation can only temper an inherently terminal process, start promoting mathematically perfected economy™, join us at End the Bank of England - http://endtheboe.ning.com/

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VIDEO: NYC End The Fed Rally 11.22.09

NYC End The Fed Rally 11.22.09 …


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VIDEO: "End The Fed" rally in Denver 11/22/09

Scenes from when I first arrived at the rally in front of the Denver branch of the Federal Reserve.

Andrew G. Eggleston Sr., Colorado's organizer for The Liberty Coalition explains the goals of his group.…


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Images From The End the Fed Rally 11/22/09

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PHILADELPHIA - End-The-Fed - 11.22.09 (Constitution Revolution Tea Party)


ATTENTION: The first 200 people to RSVP to THE OFFICIAL MEETUP POSTING (click here) will receive preference when registering at the entrance to the indoor… Continue

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A SOLUTION POSTED: Credit as a Public Utility

As we all are quick to the draw on bringing an END to the Oligarchy that exists with the FED how many know in detail what kind of specific changes we should enlist as a replacement? Richard C Cook's “Credit as a Utility” seems to be the a very clear and logical plan. It calls for a return to a greenback style system and a national dividend and most important credit as a public utility.

here is the final clip of a 6 part series – you can search for the others if you… Continue

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Proud American

I come to today, not as a beaten down man, not as a poor lost soul, nor as a scared lamb willing to give up my fleece for the safety of a false shepherd, to protect me from the wilderness.

I come to you today as a Man, as a Washingtonian, a Citizen Of The United States, and as a Patriot, proud to be an American.

I see the rats as they run and play. They infest every dark place in my once great Nation. I see the blackness of a great plague, and a Sickle harvesting… Continue

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The Parasite is Destroying the Host

The money cartel is giving REAL capitalism a bad name.

For more information visit theRedPillRadio.com

We Americans must rid ourselves of our parasitic debt based money system.

We pay international bankers interest on money THEY don’t have.

This is called USURY.

They produce NOTHING but debt. Why should they profit?

Any just system should reward the PRODUCTIVE.

Allow the Treasury… Continue

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Audit The Fed Facebook Cause

Audit The Fed Facebook Cause

Join and spread the word!

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End the Fed

End the Fed

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WA 2nd Leg District Rick "Cupcake" Larsen gets national attention on HR1207

Check it out! Rick "Cupcake" Larsen is the #1 target today on Daily Paul and Break the Matrix for phone calls, emails, and faxes from 1207 supporters nationwide!!



The whole nation is behind us today. Remember to join them in calling Washington's 2nd District Rep Larsen's local office as well.

Phone: 360-733-4500

Fax: 360-733-5144

His office would love to hear… Continue

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Audit the Federal Reserve (HR 1207)

Ron Paul’s legislation HR 1207, The Federal Reserve Transparency Act, is gaining support. HR 1207 has 91 co-sponsors and real potential to pass — BUT only if we educate and rally the people to support it and get our Congresspeople to put it to vote and pass it.

HR 1207 is now in the House Committee on Financial Services. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP in this legislation! If it doesn’t get out of committee it will not come to a vote!… Continue

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Tell me what you think of my END the FED Cartoon

"South Park like" Cartoon


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Freedom Watch on Fox News (Judge Napolitano, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul) - Help Spread the Word!!

This show is one of the best weapons we have in our fight for Freedom! Please help us get this on mainstream tv by watching, rating, favoriting, commenting and sharing this video with everyone you know!!

We have the opportunity to get this on Fox News' TV network, but we need your help - we need to overwhelm them with support by showing massive viewcounts & comments on these… Continue

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