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Tim Nerenz for Congress's Blog – August 2010 Archive (5)

You Can Call Me Ray

Recently it was reported that 70 Members of Congress belonged to the Democratic Socialists of America. The source was a bit dubious, but none of the "outed" legislators has denied the claim, either.

A check of the DSA website reveals a political philosophy that is plainly anti-American. They argue that Americans are wrong to "believe that their security results from personal responsibility and individual initiative." The socialists’ faith in government is equaled only by their…


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Last weekend, we went to one of our favorite tavern-burger joints for the first time since Wisconsin’s smoking ban went into effect. No ashtrays, no smoke, and no customers – nice going, do-gooders.

This was a biker bar, past tense. It is an empty bar now – soon to be a closed-down bar unless there is a federal bailout in the works for dives. It wasn’t the kind of place you would walk into by mistake, not a place to take your kids. Nobody was inadvertently exposed to second-hand…


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Are You Smarter Than a 20th Grader?

The magic number is $50,000 – the median compensation rate in the private sector. The math is simple: for every $50,000 of cost laid on business by government, one job must be cut.

Government burdens businesses in three ways: taxes, mandates, and regulations. Ultimately, these costs are passed to consumers in the form of increased prices; but in the short run, increased government burden must be offset with cost reductions elsewhere in the firm, and elsewhere these days almost…


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About Race

Here is one thing I have learned over 35 years in business: winners do not think of themselves as white or black, male or female, gay or straight, disabled or able. Here is another: losers are obsessed with such things.

That is what’s wrong with liberals’ pre-occupation with race, gender, and class – they are teaching another generation of young people to think like losers, talk like losers, and act like losers. When these young people grow up to be losers, it will be held up as…


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Welcome To Wisconsin

When President Obama returns to Wisconsin this month, you can have your picture taken with him for $10,000. I think I will bring a check for $1,427 to teach him how his new tax rates will impact those of us who actually pay our taxes.

First of all, let’s assume he is a responsible retirement saver and is putting away 8% of his $10,000 earnings into a 401(k) - that is an $800 withholding that we will tax later. His Medicare tax on the balance is $267, Social Security tax is $1,150,…


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