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Tim Nerenz for Congress's Blog – December 2010 Archive (6)

A More Perfect Union

The problem with compulsory unionization is simple enough: it is incompatible with a commitment to equal rights. Each of us has the right to form a union and bargain collectively; and each of us has the equal right to work union-free. The Constitution does not select one over the other.

The absurdity of the unionists’ demand for compulsory and collective workplace privilege becomes obvious when it is extended to any other third party: Should only members of the KKK hold government…


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Who Owns You

The libertarian philosophy can be condensed to its essence: we are all obligated to live honestly, without initiating force or fraud upon another human being. And that is my Christmas wish for all who follow Dr. Tim’s Moment Of Clarity – an honest life free from force or fraud.

The libertarian’s political ambition is to impose the smallest government footprint capable of enforcing this obligation upon all who operate within its domain. Government, by its nature, is organized force;…


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When I was nine years old and didn’t get the train I wanted for Christmas, I pouted for half a day. Here in Wisconsin, it has been six weeks since the November election that killed high speed rail, and our trainiacs are still pouting.

For the benefit of readers around the world, our former (and very unpopular) Governor skirted the law and bought some train cars over in Spain; then he fetched some federal stimulus money to run a high-speed rail line between our two biggest cities,…


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Math Whiz

This week we learned that American teens have fallen to the #24 rank in national math proficiency; or maybe it was #25, counting that high is, like, way hard. The good news here is that our shortage of math whizzes assures us an ample supply of potential Fed Chairmen and Senators from Massachusetts.

Appearing on NBC Meet The Press recently to argue for raising taxes and extending unemployment benefits, Sen. John Kerry explained that every dollar spent on unemployment benefits…


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Quit Suffering

A bright young man noticed my Libertarian Party lapel pin and posed this gotcha question to impress his friends: "so what is your answer to current suffering?" My response: "quit suffering". His friend’s analysis of the exchange: "schooled".

"Schooled" may be a bit harsh, but "quit suffering" was certainly not the answer that the first fellow expected. The modern-day debate about poverty has always revolved around what the government should do about it. Government spending on…


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Conspiracy Theory

What a disappointment. Nearly half a million top-secret stolen messages released by WikiLeaks this year and not one smoking gun for the Bindenburg, Illuminati, NWO, Tri-lateral commission, CFR, 9/11 truth, birth certificate, or freemason theorists.

With no disrespect to those who hold to such views, I’m sticking with my original conspiracy theory - government incompetence. The ineptitude, arrogance, and ideological zealotry of the political class are sufficient to explain nearly…


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