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The single most important thing that any of us can do to restore our Constitutional Republic is to educate ourselves on the sound principles upon which our nation was built. Educating ourselves and are fellow countrymen on these principles is our duty. Please share this website with everyone that you know that loves liberty and wants to save our nation.

“If a nation…


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Let's Have a Conference

I think that we all agree that our government is broken and that the three branches of government have become corrupt and have assumed power that was not delegated to them in the Constitution. Our country is…


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Friends of Liberty Blog Talk Radio Show With Sheriff Brad Rogers of Elkhart County, Indiana

Call in number is (347) 884-9499

Website http://www.blogtalkradio.com/friendsofliberty

Time 7:00 to 8:00 PM - Pacific Standard Time - 9:00 PM Central Time - Thursday, march 16,…


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Central Banking Video By Judge Napolitano

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Who is the Final Arbiter of the Constitution?

Chief Justice John Marshall established a judicial precident known as Judicial Review. It was his opinion that it the Supreme Court has the responsibility and authority to interpret the Constitution. If this is true, it is not a power that was granted to the Supreme Court in the Constitution. The final arbiter of the meaning of the Constitution is vested in "We the People" through our elected representative in Congress. If we feel that our Congressional Representatives render decisions which…


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Man, Freedom and Government

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A Gangster and a Politician

What is the difference between the gangster Al Capone and the Senator Harry Reid/

One served time in a… Continue

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Muppets, Puppets and Stooges

You will never see a mainstream Republican or Democrat suggest the following solution. After reading my solution, ask yourself the why they avoid the most obvious and simple solution.

One of the provisions of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 allows Congress to buy back all of the stock in the Federal Reserve Corporation for a $450 Million Dollars. By exercizing this option we could purchase the Federal Reserve from the International Bankers and instantly discharge the $13 Trillion…


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Divine Providence

How could a the American Colonist defeat the British, who at the time had the strongest army and navy that the world had ever known? The men that voluntarily signed the Declaration of Independence were men of God that believed that if they would be willing to put their lives on the line and demonstrate their faith, God would allow them to prevail in their righteous mission to establish a nation build upon the principles of liberty and individual responsibility.

I believe that God… Continue

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Impeach the Supreme Court

Over the years the progressive thinkers (oxymoron) have been selling the idea that the U.S. Constitution is a living document that has the miraculous power to adapt to changes in the political landscape. They would have us believe that if a single celled amoeba can evolve into a eagle, the Constitution can become whatever our legislators want it to be.

From the beginning of time man has been the victim of tyranny and oppression at the hands of his fellow man. The Constitution was… Continue

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War is a Racket


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"The Fate of Our Constitution - By Keith Broaders

Our government has been corrupted, and our constitution has been scrapped

Our leaders have betrayed us, our resources they have tapped

Once we were the sovereigns, but it is sadly true

That bankers have assumed that role to. rob both me and you.

Our nation is in trouble and our republic is at stake

If we don't stand united our liberty they'll take

Our founding fathers warned us, that if we weren't alert

The bankers would steal our… Continue

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Friends of the Constitution Website

Go to http://www.FriendsoftheConstituton.us

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Join the Friends of Liberty

Go to http://FriendsofLiberty.ning.com

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Play the Enemies of Freedom Game


Go to http://FriendsofLiberty.ning.com and join the ranks of modern American Patriots.

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A Great Video


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