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Day Two Protest the banking system (and the wars!)

We were at the Fed from about 3:30 to 9:00 last night. We met some really great folks and had a good time visiting. I encouraged everyone I talked with to spread the message, especially to the Occupy Dallas folks, that's really what we were there to do.

A couple of OD guys came over and tried to get us to join them at Pioneer Plaza. They said…


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The first day...End the Fed and Occupy Dallas

brief report:

Adrienne and I just got back home.…


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How to prepare and present ourselves for a rally

http://pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/70815/ Good advice!

SOME ADVICE ON FUTURE “TEA PARTY” PROTESTS, from a media producer who attended the Overland Park affair:

I attended the invigorating protest outside Congressman Dennis Moore’s Overland Park, Kansas office yesterday.

I hoped 10-15 souls might show up. I was thrilled to see hundreds. Here are some suggestions. I don’t really want my name used. Sadly, it could really hurt my business, which is already… Continue

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A New Movement to REACH!!!

APRIL 11th!!!!!! http://anewwayforward.org/demonstrations/

They don't seem to have a good plan, so we need to reach them with good info. Please go post on their blogs and forums!!!

They are on Michael Moore's site, afterdowningstreet, alternet, etc.

If they are planning a demonstration in your area, join them and take End the Fed rally info and flyers!!!!!

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Dallas ETF 11-22-08

I think we had a terrific rally today.

Dallas Morning News came out, NBC, CBS and Univision as well!!!!

Alex Jones came and he got lots of attention!

It was uneventful! DPD was very helpful and cooperative. They blocked a lane for us and made sure we were safe and sound. They were pleased with our group and how we conducted ourselves. I hope we can continue the good reputation we earned today.

A few of us cleaned up afterwards, there wasn't much, but… Continue

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Community outreach idea

I mentioned this on one of the End the Fed conference calls.

Our local CFL group (very small, but dedicated) has hosted movie/discussion events at our public library.

In September we viewed "Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections"

In October we viewed "Washington, You're Fired!"

This Saturday we will watch "Fiat Empire" and "Money as Debt".

Great way to inexpensively reach the community. The cost of the room, the movie and some… Continue

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Yes, two people CAN reach several hundred in under 2 hours!!!!

We went to our local downtown "halloween on the square", kids and families walk around the square and stop at each business/organization that sets up tables and pass out candy, etc.

We had a booth with Constitutions, Republic Magazines, AFTF pens, flyers, bumper stickers, cards for Chuck Baldwin, brochures, DVDs of AFTF. Passed out 400 hundred flyers for the End the Fed on one side and our next CFL movie/discussion event at the public library on the other. And hundreds of other… Continue

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