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I applaud the End the Fed Network for this new initiative. I have been calling for the criminal cabal known as the Federal Reserve to be abolished. Auditing the Fed was never enough,  it was making the fox reveal how he was stealing hens from the chicken house when what is really needed is to run the fox off so he can't steal any more poultry. If you will permit me I'd like to give you a chess player's view on strategy to  conserve time and expense.

Let's not worry about repealing the Sixteenth Amendment; instead let's determine if it was ever properly ratified in the first place. I believe the way to do that is to search the archives of the state legislatures of the 48 states that comprised the union at the time. Ratification would have had to be voted by these legislators; find the records. Unless there are 32 states voting  for ratification then case closed: the 16th Amendment is dead. But repeal is necessary to the strategy but we're looking at the wrong amendment; the one we need to target is...

the 17th Amendment that allows Senators to be elected instead, as it originally was, of being appointed by the governors acting of the recommendations of their legislatures. Unless we do this then we will have to rely on the present crop of do-nothing, lackeys of special interest groups, to vote to abolish the Fed. The states are suffering budget shortfalls and cuts in public safety jobs and entitlement programs,saddled with homelessness and unemployment, all due to the Fed's ruinous monetary policies. Can anyone imagine the political capital that governors would earn in it turned out that the 16th Amendment wasn't properly ratified: if they all banded together to demand repeal of the 17th. The Federal government has made a practice of ignoring the interests of "We the people" but state legislators? Different story. Just look at the sheriffs who pledge not to enforce the totalitarian gun laws that the jackals in Washington are trying to get passed. Sheriffs are elected by their constituents, and so are governors and state legislators. Let's take our cause to the people, the same people who are struggling to make ends meet, who are being foreclosed upon or are in danger of being foreclosed, the same people whose 401(k) investments are in the loo, who work dead end jobs with low pay and no benefits, and have to watch inflation rob them of what little they can scrape together. Retirement? Yeah, if you live to be ninety - maybe.

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Comment by Steven Vincent on January 25, 2013 at 12:03pm

Nothing really new going on here, George.  Same things we have always stood for.   And Auditing is a necessary political step on the path to Repealing.

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