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Alternative to Federal Reserve using Publius, high level RSA encryption, and wireless digital transmission

Note: This article concerns possible ways to use Publius, an anonymous, free, distributed, tamper-resistant web publishing system that won the inventors many awards. Possible new means of tamper-resistant, encrypted financial transactions using alternative currencies (with additional high level encryption) might help get us off the Federal Reserve, ensure confidentiality of medical records, etc. Another possible use with wireless, digital encrypted web publishing and rapid, portable means of communication using frequency hopping in the shortwave band might enable changes for the better with “government”. The fact that possibly a few million other people have had similar (or better) ideas than this, and put them up on the Internet, is relevant; mine is only a suggestion.

First, I think it’s reasonable to start with a little humor (< 2 minutes) before proceeding to this suggestion about something that most people consider to be a joke, anyhow (our Federal Reserve banking system). Feel free to skip why “Henry Kissinger” tells us that we should “leave George Bush aloone” (as someone else told us to leave Britney Spears aloone”, and for similar reasons):


Publius, is a form of censorship resistant, anonymous, distributed web publishing, invented by computer scientists Lorrie Cranor, Avi Rubin, and Marc Waldman:


It is also free, and volunteers from around the world are encouraged to participate in the Publius Project with their computers by leaving them on 24 hours/day, connected to the Internet, to store parts of web pages (the faster the connection, the better).

“Publius was the pen name used by the authors of the Federalist Papers (Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison”, as it states in the paper. This was necessary to “protect” them from harm back then. It is also necessary to “protect” us from harm now, as well as to get controversial writings up on the Internet in the first place. This is because “they”, unfortunately, own/control most of the servers that store Internet websites and web pages. Such ownership of servers will change to us (“We the People”) with Publius and other inventions.

Publius has won all kinds of awards:



Mr. Abid Jan was kind enough to put my article, "Suggestion-for-new-system-to-defeat-federal-reserve-monopolistic-control-over-our-lives", up on his website, “Dictatorship Watch”, in November, 2008. They’ve recently taken down Mr. Jan’s website (again), and my article went along with that:


I’d put up a modified version of my article in April, 2009 on End The Fed Forums and, for better or for worse (and just like useless government), useless things seem to persist:


That article had to do with switching over to alternative currencies and using Publius (including high level encryption (possibly RSA encryption) of Internet financial transactions) to help get us off the Federal Reserve. Since they’ve messed around with Mr. Jan’s website (and my article), I’ve recalled some things I saw in the Army Reserves that might help to prevent them from taking down websites, preventing person to person communication via the Internet, and preventing encrypted financial transactions using alternative currencies over the Internet.

In the Army Reserves I saw frequency hopping used by radio transmitters for encrypted transmissions to receivers. "Friendly" (U.S.) intended receivers would know how the frequency would change/vary with time. "Unfriendly" forces would not know how the frequency would change, would not be able to follow the rapidly changing frequencies, and would not be able to intercept our transmissions. The enemy (? government nowadays ?) can apparently jam some of these things, but there are apparently ways around that.

It's time for a worldwide, wireless, web, and encrypted means of "Internet Connectedness". Wireless is important since they control the wires/cables that bring the Internet to you. If they don’t like you, what you are saying, or they don’t want you to live, they can always cut, or cut off, your cable access to the Internet.

The words, "Internet Connectedness", might reinforce God's truth that "We are all one" (“Mitakuye Oyasin”,


that I heard on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation where I worked. We should be “all one” but without this despicable "New World Order". If the despicable New World Order might feel left out, or left back, they might consider reforming their behaviors.

Since God desires our freedom from this “despicable” thing, there is ultimately no way that that can fail. When good prophecy predicts something, it will inevitably succeed; it is just a matter of how. I hope that my suggestion, and/or possibly thousands of better suggestions, will succeed with the help of computer people, Internet experts, encryption, financial, legal experts, if it has any validity. Mine is only a suggestion looking for an answer as to its feasibility and suggestions for improvement:

1) This new system must be wireless; (as long as they control the cables, they can shut them down).

2) It should enable worldwide communication, and therefore enable digital shortwave transmission, as well as digital shortwave reception to/from desktops and laptops. Laptops should have a built in power source sufficient to enable transmission/reception without access to an alternating current (AC) power source. This should enable rapid communication, and organization, between the "peoples" of this world, exclusive of their governments and telecommunications monsters.

3) Internet translation engines, such as Babel Fish, should facilitate translation to and from all of the different languages of the world, and processing of evidence for war crimes tribunals.

4) "Shortwave frequencies are capable of reaching any location on the Earth because they can be reflected by the ionosphere (a phenomenon known as Skywave propagation)."


5) The Meraki Network ("Wireless Networks that Simply Work") might facilitate this further:


The Book of Revelation of the Bible predicts a new financial system; relevant chapters and verses are cited in the articles above.

(Additional information on people, and systems, possibly able to help:

Dr. Waldmann's Publius:


About Dr. Waldmann:


Index on Censorship Magazine Honors Publius Network as "Best Circumvention of Censorship":




About RSA encryption:


My previous article on End the Fed Forums:


which was basically a copy of my article on Mr. Jan’s website, Dictatorship Watch (November, 2008), with the addition of some things about RSA encryption that I don't fully understand. This article, and website, are now inaccessible:

http://www.dictatorshipwatch.com/2008/11/14/suggestion-for-new-syst... serve-monopolistic-control-over-our-lives.html

Addendum: Mr. Jan is, I feel, possibly one of the best truth-telling web journalists from Central Asia and the Islamic world about 9/11, that “Muslims and/or Osama bin Laden” did not do 9/11, about the corrupt, puppet, New World Order controlled Pakistani government, etc. Mr. Jan was from Peshawar, Pakistan where he had a very large following but now, mostly as a result of his aforementioned attributes, he’s got asylum in Canada. The fact that he was in Afghanistan in the spring and summer of 2001 with a United Nations NGO (nongovernmental organization) doing a story on the refugee situation and the Taliban and, especially, that he knew Osama bin Laden and why Osama did not do/could not have done 9/11, that he was not “on hemodialysis when the CIA visited Osama in Dubai” (“no access to 220/115 volt alternating current required to power a hemodialysis machine…(in the mountainous regions where they were)”, “was drinking water out of the same porcelain jars as everyone else”, etc. were instrumental in getting the threats on the life of Mr. Jan (and family) that got him into Canada and, eventually, some form of asylum in Canada.


Robert B. Thorne, M.D.
P.O. Box 590
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Tel: (973) 743-1973)

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Comment by KingofthePaupers on January 5, 2010 at 1:07pm
Jct: My Alternative to Federal Reserve using an http://johnturmel.com/unilets.htm interest-free time-based currency account needs no high level RSA encryption, and wireless digital transmission security of any kind. The UNILETS Time Standard of Money makes security obsolete, where is anyone going to hide the loot when everyone can everyone else's account!

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