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I think we had a terrific rally today.

Dallas Morning News came out, NBC, CBS and Univision as well!!!!

Alex Jones came and he got lots of attention!

It was uneventful! DPD was very helpful and cooperative. They blocked a lane for us and made sure we were safe and sound. They were pleased with our group and how we conducted ourselves. I hope we can continue the good reputation we earned today.

A few of us cleaned up afterwards, there wasn't much, but we even picked up the cigarette butts left on the sidewalk and grass.

Our detective contact said that usually they hear "oh yeah we're going to have a crowd of 200!" and maybe 25 show up. So when I told him at least 100 and maybe close to 200 and I was correct, he was impressed! We gained some credibility!

The next nationwide rally will be March 14th so mark your calendars!!! Steven Vincent of endthefed.us wants to see 5,000 at each location for that one!!!! I think we can do it!!!! Of course we'll have to get a real permit and block off the street for that size of crowd!!!

But, wouldn't that be terrific?!?!?!?!

Keep spreading the word!


Liberty and Justice for ALL!

Debbie McKee

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