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Ending the Federal Reserve and IMF Currency Monopolies, Control of Governments, etc. with Wireless Mesh Networks, Encryption, Alternative Currencies, and Tamper Resistant Web Publishing

What I’ve written below is about something I’d previously posted on End the Fed Forums with regard to tamper-resistant, anonymous, distributed web publishing systems, but it is equally applicable to preventing government, censors, government-censors, or anyone from interfering with freedom of confidential communication, whether that be video, audio, confidential financial transactions, suggestions for less rotten government, whatever. This incident occurred very early the other night when they were blocking, on Google video and YouTube, the speeches and talks of a prominent politician and economist from India, which speeches were recommending the removal from office of another very prominent politician in India who’s a front for the KGB and New World Order Communism, which is what’s taking over this country (the U.S.) right now, but will fail ignominiously, with full exposure, in the very near future.

I have seen how "they" can block things on the Internet, and this was precisely what they  appeared to be doing very early this past Friday morning when I attempted to look at some of the speeches of ---- on Google video and YouTube. All other videos and everything else were working fine, but I'm aware that Dr.--- had said some things about Sonia Gandhi, so I believe they were blocking it. I'd briefly met Dr. --- twice before, so I e-mailed this to him and Mr. K--- with the hope that this might do some good in other ways. I've attached a brief summary of Publius by Dr. Marc Waldman, along with a few other things. If this idea is not feasible, and if it is not too much trouble, would you kindly tell me why it is not feasible.

                                                                                                                   Thank you,
                                                                                                                   Robert B. Thorne, M.D.

Dr. -----,

As I'd mentioned to ----- and Mr. K----, I was trying to view your talks-speeches on Google video on Friday, Aug 12 at around 3:30 AM ESTNone of your speeches were accessible on YouTube or Google video, but everything else that I saw was accessible (other Google-YouTube video, web pages, etc.). They routinely censor the Internet in China, Egypt, etc., but when they do it here in the U.S., they sometimes say "content inappropriate" or removed for "copyright violation". Therefore, I decided to send out this e-mail to Mr. K--- and Dr. S----, about Publius, to show something computer scientists have done which is going to have implications much further reaching than preventing blocking of videos.

Publius is an invention of computer scientists at NYU, AT&T, and Johns Hopkins University. It is an anonymousdistributedtamper resistantrobustencryptedfree web publishing system that relies on volunteers to leave their own personal computers on 24 hours/day in order to store, anonymously, parts of websites, speeches, videos, etc. on their own personal computers (which are distributed around the world) so that censors, governments, etc. cannot censor, stop, or in any way prevent the getting out of important information to the masses via the Internet:


Problems of websites being blocked can be circumvented by the use of PubliusTangler, or other tamper-resistant, anonymous, distributed web publishing systems that rely on volunteers storing small parts of websites, video, etc. on their home personal computers. If they want to volunteer, they also must leave their computers on 24 hours a day so that their small portion of the websites, speeches, videos, etc. will not be missing from the total. Having Dr. Su--- Sw--- videos on volunteers’ computers around the world, instead of Google video, could have prevented the blocking of all of Dr. Sw--- speeches, as occurred the other night, by Google and YouTube.

Also, as long as people have to rely on cable & DSL companies, and telephone lines, for communication, "the bad guys" can also cut the cablecut off the transmission over the cable, or do whatever they want to whomever they want, whenever they want. That's not far off, and they're already doing this in China, Egypt, and a number of other places. They haven't done it here in the U.S., yet, because they don't want more of us knowing that we're already living under a dictatorship.

Given this bad state of affairs, soon to become a lot worse, the most important thing is to get control of the world out from the hands of the International Bankers, and the best way to do that is to get control of the banking systems out from the control of the International Bankers and their systems of usury, riba, fiat currency, and “the debtor becoming servant to the lender”, as it says in the Proverbs of Solomon in the Bible (Suleiman in the QUR’AN). Since the Muslim countries refuse riba (usury) they can’t be controlled monetarily, so they are now being controlled militarily.

Illuminati, Mayer Amschel Rothschild said, "Give me control of the currency of a country, and I care not who are the elected leaders of that country". He knew how it works, and his banking empire, along with those of eastern establishment U.S. bankers, were the founding forces behind International Communism/New World Order.

Some progressive people in Massachusetts formed constitutional alternative currencies in Massachusetts during the Great Depression of the 1930s, and those localities were said to have not suffered the ill effects of the Depression. Nowadays, taking that example, they’ve formed Berkshares in western Massachusetts, and have been trying to get the Brooklyn Torch going for the last 3 years in New York City:



The problem with Berkshares is that they are issued in fixed relation to the dollar95 dollars = 100 Berkshares. Therefore, a Berkshare is just a “dollar by another name”, it will collapse as the dollar does, and the banksters will still be in control. I talked with (by phone) a lady in the Berkshares headquarters in Great Barrington, Massachusetts about the need for these alternative currencies to be linked to the unit value of a tangible asset, such as a food staple (dozen eggsdozeggs” instead of “dollar”) when there’s impending starvation, but she told me, “They won’t let us do that”. I forgot to ask her, “Who won’t let you do that?” I suspect it’s a part of the government controlled by the Fed, which means, “The Government”.

One thing that’s good about Russians is that when the government is starving them, they switch over to the Black Market in no time, and the authorities can’t do much about it. I’ve read Dr. Sergei Glazyev’s book, Genocide, Russia and the New World Order, and it was very good. Dr. Glazyev was Minister of Foreign Economics under Boris Yeltsin who resigned in protest at Yeltsin’s selling off of the country to the financial oligarchs of Russia and the West.

The people in Massachusetts, and at Berkshares headquarters, need to realize that they are being deceived-placated with their “dollars in disguise”, as long as the fixed ratio exists, and they need to tell their government to go to hell and then begin printing Berkshares with the unit value linked to a unit value of a food staple (to prevent starvation in the future). Possibly a “dozeggs”, should be the new name for their “dollar” equivalent, since a dozen eggs costs about a dollar right now. Since such a direct confrontational approach will probably get some people into jail, they might continue with their current Berkshares to placate-fool the government and then, like the good Russians, go black market, develop an alternative currency, call its denomination, “This One is to fool the Government”, relate the unit value of that currency to one dozen eggs or a unit of work, and put that currency on volunteers’ computers using Publius servers, while letting the government think they’re “broke”, and that dollars and Berkshares are “all they’ve got”. Using high level encryption of all transactions on the Internet, including financial, such as RSA encryption (Rivest, Shamir, Adelman from MIT) would relieve the Federal Reserve, and the Government, of all undue anxiety and depression about losing control of their monopoly currency, because they wouldn’t know it was happening, which is good because it’s none of their damn business:


Citizens and separate banks, independent of the Federal Reserve, would be best off beginning to use wireless mesh networks, with Publius and high level encryption for financial transactions for an increasing portion of the population. People “reluctant” to switch over would just pay more taxes. I’ve been told there’s no way the government, or the Federal Reserve, or anybody, can crack RSA encryption. Putting this on servers using Publius, and using wireless mesh networks, would only make the impossible to stop that much more impossible to stop.

Wireless mesh networks are the most sophisticatedfastestleast expensivemost reliable, most complicated form of Internet transmission available. They have been considered as the “preferred” way to get reliable Internet communication to poor rural villages in countries in Africa. “Poor” doesn’t mean "stupid" or "lacking in resourcefulness", however, and it certainly doesn’t mean the form of deliberately brainwashed "educated incapacity" which we see here in the U.S., so I don’t think there’s too much to worry about with Africa working it out right.

Here’s some information from Wikipedia on mesh networks and mesh networking:



I was a caller in a few months ago to an Internet radio show where the guest was something like “Chief Technology Officer” for an IT company responsible for all the Internet communication, for the government, during the Hurricane Katrina disaster.  Hurricane Katrina was preparation for martial law in the U.S. On that show, I brought up some of these suggestions, and they seemed to like them and think that they were possible; at least there was no reason given as to why they might be impossible. The chief technology guy said that the people “just need to go and put an antenna (for the mesh networks) in their backyards”. This antenna also needs a small power supply, and a properly configured computer to hook it up to; then it is feasible.

One other thing that I forgot to mention is the use of Publius, and wireless mesh networks, to provide a new “Source of Reason”, possibly to be called “New Government” for the people to listen to, read about, and cooperate with, instead of the old, corrupt, lying, outdated, obsolete governments controlled by criminals and banksters that we currently have, and which no one in their right minds could be expected to cooperate with. It might even be best to have one very large website, with links to the web pages in all the languages, of all the countries, of the world. This would be an international website for “cooperation”, instead of confrontation, because we’d be controlled by this “Voice of Reason”, with a sound, honest financial system, instead of bankers, politicians, and the Money Power, whose boss is Satan, because, “The love of money is the root of all evil”. It would be nice to have translation engines, like Babel Fish (which they already have), to translate back and forth between all of the languages on the website, in order to promote peoples’ getting along.

I forgot to mention that there are lots of “laws” which some of the bad guys running our U.S. Government are probably going to try and invoke to prevent their impending-inevitable loss of control. The proper responses to these people might include:

1) You repeatedly violated the U.S Constitution with the Federal Reserve and many other things
2) You bankrupted the country and stole the peoples’ money
3) You started 2 wars based on lieslied about 9/11 and everything else, and wouldn’t come clean with the truth even one time, despite repeated requests from the people
4) We have all the computers, and wireless mesh networks, and there’s not a damn thing that you can do about it; it’s the law of “mass action”

Mr. K--- and Dr. S---: there are many more variations on the basic theme of this article that I sent to many people, American Free Press, etc., put up on websites like End the Fed Forums, etc.:


Unfortunately, this one no longer has a viable link to what had been the main body of the article.

As I’d mentioned to Mr. K---, the first website that I put it up on was Mr. Abid Ullah Jan’s “Dictatorship Watch”, after he got asylum in Canada, because he had to leave Pakistan.

Right after 9/11, I didn’t know what the truth was about 9/11, except that we were being lied to here in the U.S. about it. Therefore, I was looking at websites in various other countries to see if the truth was anywhere. So I came across a website called, “The International Center for Strategic Studies and Analysis” where there was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the best truth possible:


That website has since been shut down, and Mr. Abid Ullah Jan had to leave Peshawar and get asylum in Canada because some combination of the CIA, and the puppet Musharraf government, were going to kill him. Initially, he was in Montreal, but the threats there were very great, so he had to relocate to Ottawa. Mr. Jan then formed a different website, Dictatorship Watch, but the threats were continuing, so Mr. Jan is now out of journalism and doing an extremely good, honest, job at “community building” in Canada. His current address, and phone number, are among the following; feel free to mention my name if you wish to contact him:

#)Jan, Abid, Pragmatic Publishing, 4016 Canyon Walk Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 1X3, Canada

Phone: 613-822-1645 good, E-mail: abidullahjan@gmail.com


(Abid Jan, 2220 The River Club, 190 Lees Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5L5, Canada, 613-234-5377)

Mr. Jan had a sympathetic ear to my asking him questions while he was in Pakistan, but he waited until he got asylum in Canada before he told me that he knew Osama bin Laden from having been in Afghanistan in the spring and summer of 2001 with a United Nations NGO doing a story on the Taliban and the refugee situation. After 9/11, Mr. Jan changed the title of the book to, “A War on Islam”, and I’m attaching a copy of this book in .pdf format. I’d ordered a copy of that book from the Al-Maktabah Publishing House in London, England, but none of us here in America got the book. In that book was conclusive proof that Osama bin Laden did not do 9/11; this was why it was confiscated. Mr. Jan personally intervened with the publisher in London, and he attempted to send the book to me 3-4 more times, but I never got it. In the United States, “tampering with the mail” is a “Federal Crime”. This apparently means that only the federal government does it and thinks it can get away with it.

I don’t think Mr. Jan liked Osama bin Laden very much, because Mr. bin Laden was allowing himself to be pressured, by the CIA, into making statements that made it look like he did 9/11, when there was no way he could have done 9/11. This is what’s called a “Big Lie” that was, in part, responsible for 2 wars based on lies so Big that they’ll be talking about it for the next 1,000 years. 

I got Mr. Jan interviewed on Blackopradio, out of Vancouver, B.C., in February, 2003 because I’d previously been interviewed on Blackopradio, in the fall of 2000, about the shooting down, by a missile, of TWA Flight 800 off the east coast of Long Island in July, 1996, and I knew Anita Langley and Len Osanic, the co-hosts of Blackopradio. I had been working at a hospital on eastern Long Island, right near where the Flight 800 was shot down, and I talked with people who saw it shot down. This was not consistent with what the government and newsfakers were saying about “exploding fuel tanks”, so I knew they were lyingagain. (It’s nothing but lies, essentially, in this countryand we're fed up with it.)

                                                                                                                             Robert B. Thorne, M.D.
                                                                                                                             (973) 743-1973

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