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GetZooks Business Club is looking for your products to be sold through our Membership. We pay our Members using a International Debit Card, give them Stores with products to sell supplied by other Members and affiliates like Amazon, and CyberMalls with social networking widgets so you can sell in social networks by sharing your passion. This Club has people in over 20 countries already, 50,000 web pages, a Radio show, and a YouTube channel. The Club is explained on a recent show entitled How to BE Successful without Selling! located at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/GetZooks/2009/07/16/GetZooks-Marketing-Tips

Let's help everyone succeed and understand how to thrive in this new information age economy. This show explains how to have your home base in the economy for free, and a means for simply honestly sharing your knowledge, entertainment likes, and pictures. Invite friends to see your newly posted picture, or a great video you placed on your page, they'll see your Press Releases, Articles, and business while they are visiting so you never need to sell them on the Club or say what you're doing until they ask you ~ Just share your photos, interesting blogs/articles, and post your pictures for sharing there! If they are interested in whatever else you have displayed great, they'll ask, if not you've never bothered them or infringed on your private relationship about a "business" thing attached to good money making potentials.
GetZooks is designed for empowering sales in the knowledge marketplace through sharing of information (knowledge) by giving people the account, products, and tools for helping people find exactly what they are looking for! NOT for selling them on stuff. GetZooks Club is about empowering multiple profit streams so you can choose the one most aligned with your passion. Some want to sell their products, others any product, others Club Memberships ~ all are compensated!

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