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Global E-commerce Club: Private Currency Coming

GetZooks exclusive Business Club provides the regular person with the tools,
relationships, and programs that make it truly easy to earn money on-line. Earnings can be exchanged internally as a Private "Zook" currency, that option is coming shortly.
Visit The Hollywood City Charity Mall.
Charities, Schools, Churches, Individuals, and Businesses must start adapting to the economic conditions of a New Age, one in which wealth is migrating to the Global Village made possible by the Internet. To achieve this goal Peace Portal has designed a unique e-commerce system called GetZooks. Our charity uses it as a place to raise funds for sustainable projects, people can do there everyday shopping at places like Amazon and a portion of every sale is returned to our charity; individuals can also participate to earn for themselves. GetZooks offers something for Everyone!

• Cash back on everyday purchases
• Commissions from sharing favorite products with friends
• Earn for referring new businesses and individuals to the Club
• Save on purchases with Member Coupon Specials
• Access exclusive Club Member Programs
• Create personalized Storefronts for CyberMalls
• Marketing tools, training, and relationships.

• Empower a global 24/7 sales force
• Sell your products in our World Mall
• Increase sales while decreasing marketing costs
• Compliment retail store foot traffic with online shopper
• Import wealth into your community
* Chamber of Commerce programs, get your city on the World Mall Map
* Import wealth into your community through sales to the global marketplace
* Promote your Cities Businesses using GetZooks Affiliate Marketing System
* Non-profit fund raising opportunities for associations serving your community

• Free "Fund Raising" CyberMalls for schools, non-profits, community and faith associations
• Ad-free Internet Portal on the DigitalUniverse Platform available to schools and qualified charities
• GetZooks partners with charitable associations for educational events like the UN Peace Day Global Broadcast, see about our support for your charity
• Unique fund-raising games and tournaments

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Comment by Babsi on October 6, 2009 at 11:02am
Agreed, memecaster...

This is an instant "turn-off" for me -- advertising/marketing terms such as global commerce, global e-currency...and even the fact that this is Internet-based.

In these precarious times, I for one, trust my friends, family, neighbors, church groups, etc. My 'village' is becoming increasingly smaller.
Comment by FreeDigitalUniverse on September 6, 2009 at 2:12pm
Trust is built through the community, and protections like escrow are built in both during and after the Trust building phase. Zooks are backed by what we people consider to be real/public money, the good thing about a Zook is it can be back-ed up or exchanged for anything a person may want to turn it into. Best thing about a Zook, it can be earned instead of having to be bought with the current fiat debt note. When a Zook as a credit, in the Club law forum, it is a credit and not a debt as it is not borrowed and can be exchanged freely without passing on a obligation or creating any interest.
www.getzooks.biz ~ a community e-commerce system for balancing the loss of local jobs and wealth by engaging the global marketplace.
Comment by memecaster on September 6, 2009 at 1:03pm
There are two requirements for a currency. That others will exchange in it. and that you can trust the system to work as promised. Both are about TRUST. Gold has traditionally worked in both ways. I trust that taking gold for a good will allow me to get other goods for the gold. I trust you to be giving me real gold (a simple, testable proposition) The problem with Zooks is the problem with all fiat and nonreal monies. Who and how and do I trust? The system works only as long as the narative is believed. They are inflationary by nature as they multiply faster than goods and services being traded (unless some very concrete rules exist. We should be aware of this with the Fed and Fractional Reserves....

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