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First, sit down. Take a nice deep breath. Ready? OK, here goes. The latest estimate given on Yahoo is that the campaign costs for the 2012 election will amount to EIGHT-BILLION DOLLARS! No, it's not a typo. It is an outrage and should arouse the anger of anyone with intelligence one point higher than a cabbage. Who do these people think they are? More importantly who do they think we are? Do they think they'll convince us with media blitzes, pumping the same old boys that the Republicans fielded last time; bland stuffed suits who talk much but say little? And Barak Obama? After the first four years of this Illuminati front man, with all his broken promises, no one in his/her right mind would be interested in voting for this fraud.

With unemployment hovering above 20%, people struggling to make ends meet with lower-paying jobs and longer hours; with higher commodity prices, foreclosures (legitimate and fraudulent) still a major problem, and vast cuts in social and entitlement programs, it is an insult to see fat cat politicians even considering such an obscene figure estimated for the next election, Seniors haven't had a cost-of-living increase for two years, but these dorks having $8B to throw around for the opportunity to screw the people even more. As Al Smith, former governor of New York and presidential candidate in 1928 said, "Let's look at the record."

What have past elections gotten us?

Obama is the ninth in a list of presidents who oversaw the decline of this great nation.

Lyndon Johnson began the bankrupting of this nation with his "Great Society" initiative and the Vietnam War. He colluded with Israel in the heinous attack on the USS Liberty which was supposed to be blamed on Egypt as an excuse to go to war in that theater. http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig/margolis12.html

Richard Nixon was next. Known as 'Tricky Dickie" and "King Richard", and a "gun for hire" this miscreant presided over what may have been the first Imperial White House. The Watergate Scandal led to his being the first president to resign, but that was only the culmination of an administration that compiled "enemies lists" and funded the Plumbers, a secret group of criminal types who engaged in clandestine operations which culminated in the break-in of the Democratic Party's campaign headquarters in the Watergate Complex. That and the Pentagon Papers scandal identified this as one of the most criminal presidencies up to that time. Subsequent presidents have expanded on this theme, almost to the point of making Nixon seem almost benevolent.

The nation got a breath of fresh air under two of the most decent men ever to occupy the White House; Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, after whom the nation resumed its decline.

Ronald Reagan was actually the first president to declare war on terrorism, ordering the bombing of Libya after that nation was charged with a terrorist attack on US Military personnel. He was also responsible for plunging the economy into a deep hole over the Savings and Loan scandal that grew out of Reagan's deregulation of the banking system. The taxpayers got a bill for $50-billion over that one. This former movie actor was a stooge of the monied elite; those of us who were around at the time remember the bumbling unease with which he spoke in public without his trusty teleprompter.

George H. W. Bush, son of Prescott Bush, a supporter of Adolph Hitler who traded with the Nazis during World War II until forced by the War Powers Act to sever that relationship. Recent documents secured under the Freedom of Information Act have implicated President Bush in a host of criminal, some treasonous, activities including the assassination of President Kennedy. http://bushstole04.com/bushfascism/bush_nixon_jfk.htm the Bush connection begins at about 48 minutes into the film.

William Jefferson Clinton, one of the most despicable characters ever to occupy the White House. Watch this video and see for yourself; http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2819829376783659846#

George W. Bush was such an obvious disaster for this country that it would be a waste of time and space to describe the many ways this cretin has harmed America, but here is an encapsulation;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUlY-KHbKbA . So odious is he and so blatant his crimes that he dare not go to Europe for fear of being arrested as a war criminal. 

We have covered about fifty years of recent American history, trod the path that led us to where we are today. FIFTY YEARS, PEOPLE! We are bankrupt, our economy is a shambles, we are now engaged in four wars that benefit the American people not at all, and which were instigated and carried out without the consent of the governed. We've been lied to, deceived, our fundamental rights threatened; the Congress is controlled by Israel and the Rothschilds; we have a president who served only a partial term as the freshman Senator from Illinois, who most Americans had never heard of, and who was shoved down our throats and who won the election of 2008 for one simple reason: He wasn't a Republican. But who can tell the difference? In the minds of many people he's worse than Bush.


So there you have it. A vote either Democrat or Republican is a vote for more spending, higher taxes, endless wars; it will ensure that Homeland Security, FEMA, and the Pentagon will further persecute and exploit the American people as the Fascist movement goes ever forward. The way ahead is clear if we are to win back our nation.

If you go to the polls in 2012 vote for anyone who isn't a Republican or Democrat; go Libertarian. Let's put an end to the insanity; end the wars, bring the troops home, shut down our bases overseas, create meaningful jobs where they are best created, in the private sector without government interference; restore our Constitution to its rightful place as the supreme law of the land, where all people are free, equal under the law regardless of wealth or celebrity, and secure in the knowledge that a United States committed to peace, non-interference in foreign affairs, and a willingness to open constructive dialogues with other nations without labeling them as enemies, will shine as a beacon of hope for the world.

And I would also encourage Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich to renounce their party affiliations and join the Libertarian movement. Jesse Ventura would be Ron's running mate if he did so, but not if Congressman Paul runs as a Republican. Say, how's this for a "dream team"? President Ron Paul; Vice President Jesse Ventura; Secretary of State Dennis Kucinich, and Speaker of the House Alan Grayson. Could it ever happen? Rome had its Pax Romana; why not a Pax Americana? Let's start thinking out of the box before we are nailed shut in a box not of our design and certainly not to our liking.

I invite comments.


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