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Another winter in Wisconsin, and another round of primal scream therapy for our unionists hell bent on putting the entire state through another round of failed recalls.

The leftist diehards are helping us to celebrate Christmas by shoving annoying recall petitions at us while we shop. When given the opportunity to tell me their single most convincing reason to recall Governor Walker, the two that I encountered today yelled “recall Walker” very loudly. So there you have it – the reason they are doing this to us is that they want to do this to us. Loudly.

That is what I suspected all along, but I hate to speculate when it comes to the motivations of others; you never know when a principle might break out by accident like a pimple on an airbrushed photo in a ProActive ad.

Now, I have several reasons for opposing their recall of Governor Walker. Chief among them is my preemptive opposition to whatever freedom-hating, bubble-wrapped tax lamprey the Union Party of Dane County and Most of Milwaukee – a.k.a. the Wisconsin Democrats - will serve up to replace him.

Because any candidate the UPDCMM decides to run as the Anti-Walker will be a communist disguised as a raving socialist, the latter being their idea of center-right. The Anti-Walker will represent the broad spectrum of shared values of Wisconsinites from East Washington Avenue all the way to…West Washington Avenue and every part of the Isthmus in between.

They must have someone exceptionally awful in mind, as they won’t even tell us who it is until after the petitions have been signed. As you may have surmised, my name won’t be on one of them.

Many libertarians and tea partiers, myself included, have been disappointed with Governor Walker over his acceptance of ObamaCare funds, his watering down of Constitutional Carry, his strong-arming of Roll Your Own stores, his undermining of micro-breweries, and his foot-dragging on Right To Work, raw milk, and smoking ban repeal.

But my friends, if you want to go out and sign that recall petition, then bring your new concealed carry permit with you, along with your lower tax bill, your voter ID card, and your application for one of those high-wage jobs in the mining industry. You won’t have any use for them when he is gone so you might as well as turn them in to the drum people now.

And after you sign your petition you can kiss your job goodbye, as Wisconsin’s employers will understand the clear message being sent and will move elsewhere. We have work to do and there are lots of other places that would love to have us come there with our jobs. And no, we don’t owe you jack squat. We paid the taxes, we built the parks, we endowed the universities, we funded the charities and populated their boards. We can do that anywhere; so don’t worry about us, we will be just fine.

I don’t know why it is so difficult for the Walker-haters to get the signatures needed to force a mulligan on the elections that brought him in to office. They only need half of the million people who voted against him the first time to say they didn’t do so by accident. Why is that taking six weeks? That they are still out there does not bode well for the Mulligan Movement.

Of course, it doesn’t matter whether they have enough legitimate signatures or not. They will just have the guy who already admitted to signing 80 times sit down with a big pile and go for the world record. Might as well, since the Government Accountability Board has publicly promised it will not check for duplicates and will not even disqualify the names of Adolph Hitler and Mickey Mouse. How fitting for a Mickey Mouse protest against a guy they compare to Hitler.

We have all seen the tape of Democrat hustlers trading cigarettes for petition signatures of minors in Milwaukee’s inner city, and the screenshots of people on FB telling their friends how to sign multiple times when they come in from out of state. We have all had trolls type obscenities in comments to our blogs when we don’t set our brains on “follow” and call for Walker’s head on a platter.

We have seen the clips of protesters harassing the Governor’s family at their private residence. We know about the death threats and assaults they have committed upon opposition party officials. We were not surprised to see charges dropped; respect for the law does not come easily for those with no respect for themselves.

It is clear to anyone with working eye and a functioning brain that the UPDCMM does not care about the integrity of the process, the fairness of the outcome, the rights of citizens to have their votes count, or the rule of law. They do not even have the common decency to leave a family alone, or to prosecute criminals when crimes are committed by their own party activists.

They care about one thing and one thing only: forcing the state to collect dues for them again. And I should also like to make one observation about the notion that the ends justify the means; over the years, I have come to recognize that only assholes believe that. Pardon my word choice; there is no suitable alternative.

This is not about forcing a recall of Scott Walker; this about accelerating the recall that was already scheduled for November of 2014. That’s how we do it in this country - we recall them all on a regular cycle. All of them.

This present union tantrum is all about cutting in line, not waiting your turn, disrespecting others. It is about assholes willing to win at all costs, and then laying those costs off to others who had no dog in the fight. The UDCMM will not reimburse townships, towns, cities, and counties for the costs of their do-over. They don’t care how much they cost us; they never have.

The taxpayers will pick up the tab for the recall, along with the costs of the recounts and court challenges, plus the security and cleanup costs for the inevitable protests that will erupt after they get their heads handed to them AGAIN - for the fourth time in a row.

And the best reason they can give me for why they will put us all through this? “Re-call Walk-er”. A year to think up a reason, and that was the best they can do. They want to recall Walker because recall Walker. Good luck with that.

“Moment Of Clarity” is a weekly commentary by Libertarian writer and speaker Tim Nerenz, Ph.D. Visit Tim’s website www.timnerenz.com to find your moment.

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