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I did not vote for this Usurper, you refer to as President.  He is not my President.  I cannot even stand look at this LIAR!  Who has lied about everything he was going to do.  For over four years now it has been one continuous lie.  No one knows who this man is, his Birth Certificate on line is a total fraud.  Is he Barack Obama or is he Barry Soetoro?  Who in the hell is this man who can destroy our country and economy, without any opposition from any of Congress or even the Judicial branch.  I have spent the past four years contacting my government officials, on Obamacare, The Tarp Program, etc., finally the NDAA, which is appalling.  Could not get them to vote against any of them.  Obama should be IMPEACHED and INCARCERATED, for all of his Crimes!!!  There are many!


"We are Americans, this does not mean that we just love our flag, family, friends apple pie.  We are willing to fight for our freedom.  We do not like Executive Orders, crooked Politicians, Homeland Security, TSA, the United Nations, anything that is against the US Constitution.  We know when the Government fears the people there is Freedom.  When the people fear the Government there is tyranny.  There is no Political Party worth giving up your Liberty for.  Democrats Republicans Libertarians, etc.  If they are forthe NDAA, or for bailouts, or anything that is unconstitutional, is un-American.  These  are the things we should be fighting against.  Never give up and never surrender, and never give up your guns.  We have a God given right to defend ourselves.  The Constitution guards our right to have a gun or weapon.  No government should be allowed to take them away!"   Unknown.



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