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Comment by Kenneth Lowndes on November 10, 2009 at 9:54pm
The "IVAMU" provides the NEEDED ANSWER!
"IVAMU" = Intrinsic Value Added Monetary Unit.
It is a New Invention for which THEY HAVE NO ANSWER!
In a recent Reply from the Department of Treasury, they have NO ANSWER.
If your selling something, say dog food, and an upstart comes along, and you know your product, and WHY it is BETTER, you might say, "It has real beef, and delicious Tuna enriching and enhancing it's flavor and nutrion."

But if all you've got to say is, "!913," and, "We abandoned the gold standard in 1933," then you are telling me NOTHING!
What you ARE telling me is YOU HAVE RUN OUT OF REASONS!
And THAT is precisely the kind of "reply" I just received.
Tell me why 1913 is more durable than the 10 Commandments!
Tell me why abandonement of the Gold Standard in 1933 was a great idea, and tell me WHY!

Folks, the "IVAMU" is something YOU DO NEED TO KNOW ABOUT!
The Invention Idea, with a Provisional Patent Pending Status issued by the US Patent Office in late June, 2009, is about taking Gold and or Silver, and INSERTING it INTO the "paper" money we already use. It CAN be done, in thickness levels as little as 2 to 4 PLUS Microns. An average human hair is just 6 Microns thick.
BUT NO! It does NOT have to be a "Federal Reserve" Note on it's surface.
The Private FED Reserve has an ungodly MONOPOLY printed on it's surface, which reads as follows, "This Note is Legal Tender for All Debts, Public and Private."
THAT IS A PRIVATE CORPORATE MONOPOLOY, improperly given by the US Congress, circa 1913.
IT IS TIME TO END THE FED MONOPLOY!They are now committing a mass-murder-suicide, of our We the people Republic, and deliberately attempting to DESTROY our nation by the DESTRUCTION of our Liberty and Freedom.
It is time to SEND them back to the HELL they came up out of.

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